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The Battle Over Information

February 10, 2010

  • Source in Iran: Internet very erratic since yesterday, almost impossible to connect to anything
  • Foreign journalist are only allowed to report Ahamdinejads speech
  • We just tried to access the IRNA and IRIB Websites and they appear to be down.
  • EPersian claiming clashes at Sadeghie where Karroubi is supposed to arrive
  • Basijis in Tabriz w/ motorbikes and the Iranian flag trying to scare ppl
  • In tears 😦 A young woman just recited a moving farewell poem 2 her mother on Epersianradio off to join crowds on #22Bahman
  • Statue of Ferdowsi in Tehran was covered with green cloth and became green again
  • Bcareful with news! RT @IranStreets as of yet: no news of any conflicts or arrests @ any of the protest locations
  • Release Hossein ‘Hoder’ Derakhshan from Evin Prison –
  • Teargas fired and clashes continue in Sadeghieh Sq.
  • Reports from Tehran: Mobile service & GPRS internet are still working
  • Emam Hossein square is full of people
  • One of the simplest & most powerful things you can do to help is pray for us!
  • 11Feb10:30|Apparently mobile internet in service in Tehran&live tweeting from the ground is unhindered
  • IRIB is playing speeches of Khomeini and Khamenei instead of showing Azadi sq, with anxiety
  • witness: clashes in Sadeghieh, hardliners attack the crowd of Greens
  • Clashes in Sadeghiye and Enqelab. Tear gases fired in ENqelab
  • Tabriz: From Abresan Crossroads to Jame Jam Street is filled with…
  • Update22: IRIB is showing doctored footage of previous years’ revolution day celebrations to fool media
  • Women taking off their scarf and more reports of clashes in Sadeghieh
  • Badia from Radio: Karoubi was attacked in Ashrafi Esfahani, his car’s winshield got broken
  • Report : Basiji Bus set ablaze at Aryashahr
  • Karroubi showed up, then Basij members attacked him, beat him in Falakeh Sadeghieh
  • Ahmadinejad indeed shown at Azadi Sq. among the people.


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