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Stoic – The Sea of Green

February 10, 2010

I’m working on taking out “emotions” out of my actions tonight as I blog for the people in Iran. I’m adopting a philosophy of being stoic in my thoughts. If I keep putting meaning to things, I take away the power of my decisions and that’s when mistakes are made. Today the people of Iran will be moving with purpose and drive…they can not let their emotions of great highs or lows break the movement apart. We wish them success and are present all over the world to help anyway possible. Every one has been putting thought into this process…and driving the force forward to create the world of their choosing. All opinions aside, putting thought into the present situation is critical for the survival of true and meaningful transformation. Work will be successful when virtue is primary…. surround yourself with virtuous people and the path will be clear to all in the end. Stay away from the Basiji…one day the military and secret police will get tired of killing their own people in the name of evil, chaos and crazy. The regimes time is nearing the end.

Word Origin & History

stoic  (n.)

1382, “philosopher of the school founded by Zeno,” from L. stoicus, from Gk. stoikos “pertaining to a member of or the teachings of the school founded by Zeno (c.334-c.262 B.C.E.), characterized by austere ethical doctrines,” lit. “pertaining to a portico,” from stoa “porch,” specifically Stoa Poikile “the Painted Porch,” the great hall in Athens (decorated with frescoes depicting the Battle of Marathon) where Zeno taught (see stoa). Meaning “person who represses feelings or endures patiently” first recorded 1579. The adj. is recorded from 1596 in the “repressing feelings” sense, 1607 in the philosophical sense; earlier stoical (1432 of philosophers, 1571 as “indifferent to pleasure or pain”).
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper
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