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SOG Begins….Tweets report!

February 10, 2010


22 Bahman Live Blog

Live Radio Stations

Cos F. MexCAN RT @GreenQuran: RT @lotfan IR Intelligence is sending people txt msgs trying to scare them from attending the #22Bahman.

Persian2English Infantry Fighting Vehicles Enter State TV Complex #iranelection #iran #22Bahman
On February 10, several Revolutionary Guards infantry fighting vehicles entered the north side of the State Television complex.
marcus Koroshfromsuede

RT @sina_21: RT @iraneema: Greens showing up in Azarbayejan St, Jeihoun St, 1st & 2nd sq of Sadeghieh, Satarkhan st #22Bahman #iranelection

Dominique Rodier dominiquerdr RT @lotfan: [fa] Pictures from propaganda speakers installed in Tehran streets: #22Bahman #IranElection

Reports R Ppl have taken over a “Sundis” (juice) station & got rid of all the gov giveaways #NO2IR #IRANELECTION #MAHASTIM

  • Cos F. MexCAN RT @Shhh528: RT @J1T2: Pretending to be gov supporters, some Greens plan to get to Azadi Sq. #iranelection #22bahman half a minute ago from TweetDeck
  • Cos F. MexCAN RT @iraneema: Karroubi doesn’t have bodyguard, #22Bahman #iranelection half a minute ago from TweetDeck
  • Cos F. MexCAN RT @GreenQuran: Basij and security forces are very much scared #IranElection #22Bahman #V
  • Dominique Rodier dominiquerdr RT @mamad2020: Radio: people are moving from Seyed Khandan bridge toward Azadi and protest sites #Iranelection less than 10 seconds ago from web

    Joe Twi J1T2 Reports of people gathering in Seyed-Khandan and 2nd Sq of Sadeghieh #iranelection #22bahman

    Iran ThinkIran RT @edwand @Ahura3 Basiji headquarters North West of Azadi square at the bus terminal #NO2IR #22bahman #IRANELECTION #Iran

  • Cos F. MexCAN RT @o_lucky_me: rt @SLSiri RT @JoanneMichele RT @azadi2011: please rt any news from having hardtime picking up in #iran
  • Fred Delshad fritson RT Persian Radio #iranelection #22Bahman || They’ve started their live broadcast (via @twazzup)

    Cos F. MexCAN RT @IranStreets: #iranelection and Basij forces in plainclothes and side streets are located. street highly control…

    Kevin Scott DC KevinScottDC RT @azadi2011: i hear death to dictator from people passing my apt :)) #iranelection

    Arash Parsi arash1212 Many guards and police are joing people. IRI is finished. End of Khamenei & Ahmadi #iranelection #22Bahman

  • Iran Iran_ALLDAY crowd of people are gathering around Khomeini’s hospital, and some of the speakers have been caught… #iranelection
  • Defiant Students iraneema
      Huge crowd in Falakeh Sadeghieh, Greens ask people to attend there to protect Karroubi #Iran #iranelection #22Bahman less than 20 seconds ago from TweetDeck
  •   RT @Ahura3: There R security forces at every corner on every street #IRANELECTION #NO2IR #MAHASTIM
  • Dominique Rodier dominiquerdr RT @nchevre: 8:55am reports of heavy security forces at Kargar street, north of Enghelab square. #iranelection less than 5 seconds ago from web

  • Gol e Sabz royasmusic RT @Persian2English URGENT: #iranelection #22Bahman Send email to Canada’s ministers office to open embassy doors..
  • Liss lissnup RT @jomhirani: Radio: Tabriz is in turmoil #iranelection anti gvernment slogans around Bazaar
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