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Other Bloggers & News on Iran!

February 10, 2010

 The Time Has Come!

Other blogs and news organizations are doing some great work for the Sea of Green!

Persian2English Baha’is Arrested in Midnight Raids #iran #iranelection #cn4iran #humanrights
There is still no information on the exact number of last night’s arrests, but Allaeddin Khanjani, Ashkan Basari, Maria Jafari, Houman Sistani and Roumina Zabihian are among the people whose arrests have been confirmed.

Leila from Tehran: “We pass the nights with anxiety”

White House announces new Iran asset freeze

Iran Says No To Gmail; Yes To ‘We Spy On You’ Email

Iranian opposition facing a choice: Moderation or new, radical course

Full English translation of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s remarks

Protests Expected As Iran Marks Revolution Day

FRONTLINE: Tehran Bureau: No Sleep | PBS

Sanctions Sought for Iran’s Human Rights Abusers

URGENT: Send an e-mail to Canada’s Ministers Office to open embassy doors to injured protesters

U.S. Penalizes Companies Tied to Iran Corps

A Different Way To Look At China & Iran

Iran’s Cyber-War On Twitter

Iranian regime facing splits over hardline crackdown on protests

Iran braces for demonstration showdown: Will the future of Iran be changed?

Arrests by Iran Are A Bid To Quell Wide Protests

Iran in the World Press 11 Feb 2010 #Iranelection– U.S. gambles in pursuit of Iran sanctions A gamble in pursuit of Iran sanctions

Google Says Users in Iran Having Difficulty Accessing Gmail

BINLEY: Iran revolution needs support

Iran steps up security in Tehran over protest fears

US imposes new sanctions on Iran

Iran: Enduring America’s Coverage of 22 Bahman

In Persian

طنین \”الله اکبر\” تهران را به لرزه در آورد

بازجویی از الهه کولایی، احمد شیرزاد، علی شکوری راد و علی محمد حاضری


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