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Green Warrior Statement

February 10, 2010

Green Warrior


On Wednesday 10th February 2010, @lissnup said:

For #IranElection – A genuine GREEN warrior shares his personal opinion and thoughts as #22Bahman dawns on Iran.

Personal thoughts:

Many people both inside and outside Iran wonder where GREEN came from and where GREEN is headed. A worthy question indeed, showing that both Iran and the world community have learned from their pasts. Freedom loving people should ask this question before they follow anyone or any organization, as we have all been fooled in the past (probably many times). Looking at the green movement, one may say it seems to be confusing sometimes with regard to statements, speeches, actions, etc. However to make this picture more transparent, we may need to go back a bit into our past.

Iran is a huge country, diverse in cultures and beliefs. Torn from war to war, Iranians were divided for many centuries. There has been constant struggle between Monarchists and Religious fanatics. Our parents made a revolution in 1979 with the best of intentions, but because they lacked the political wit, they were fooled, and fooled badly. Now this GREEN movement, did not originate to remove the IRI as a whole – but was meant to heavily reform it by removing major political players like Khamenei, and give power to some older players. To put it another way, saving the establishment while adapting to a new world order.

So who is GREEN? The GREEN movement is a combination of hundreds of different organizations, many of which swore to bring down this dictator, and not just reform it (splitting from the initial green movement). In other words, brave Iranian people have hijacked this movement and will make it into a revolution once again. I shall correct myself: People made a revolution already, depending on your definition of revolution. A year ago it was not feasible to think people can scream, “Death to Khamenei!” on the streets of Iran. Today this is normal. To me, this is a revolution. People think the day the government falls completely, then that’s a revolution. However, in my opinion this is just a collapse. Revolutions happen every day as we speak: Breaking false or inappropriate boundaries and fighting oppression openly are revolutionary.

The bottom line is the people of Iran do not want this regime. We want a full system change: Politically, socially, everything.

Why did we insist that the people of Iran are the leaders of GREEN? Because people as a whole do not change their mind over night as some individuals have done since this struggle started. Because the people as a nation cannot be corrupt as some individuals have been since the beginning.

Some have asked why GREEN uses only Islamic slogans and Islamic expressions during their protests. I am shocked by these questions! I never would have thought that this needs an explanation; it seems self explanatory. We are fighting a fanatic Islamic regime. The best way to beat them is with their own weapons. Enough said.

Personal Beliefs:

I have also been asked by many regarding my personal beliefs; I would like to clarify it once for all: I am a GREEN and I do not believe in Islam, Christianity, Judaism or any religion based on a book. I have my reasons and for the first time I will share these with all of you. One thing all these books have in common, without any doubt, is that they say their GOD is the fairest and wisest of all. I believe I can prove the opposite for any of these religions. In order to illustrate my point, I offer the following allegory:

Imagine a football team and their coach. Before the game starts, the coach and players gather in the locker room to get ready, receive instructions as to how behave tactically, and ultimately learn how the coach wants them to play. Now, every single player is from a different country and speaks just his own language and maybe some of their neighbor’s language, too. The coach (who can speak all their languages fluently) enters and starts to give his speech in a particular language. When he finishes, he goes out to the pitch. Unfortunately, just one player understood what was said, and everyone is asking him – but they cannot communicate fast enough. So one player translates the game plan into his neighbor’s language as well as he could, and so on. When the game starts some know what to do, some know a small part of what they are to do, and some do not know anything. Now my question is: Do you think the coach was fair or unfair? If unfair, which I think it absolutely is, then all these so called gods described in these books must surely be unfair, too.

I have asked this question of two Mullahs and one Reverend and always received only a smile. So if anyone wants to make me believe in a religion, they should try to convince me on this point.

Even today we try to bring the message of God to every corner of the world. Why should some nations have the privilege to know God’s words first? Why are we, in the 21st century, still not able to provide for every child to read and write; and yet you ask them to read the holy books. Some children will always have to fight for their existence, others will succumb to starvation; forget about reading and writing. Surely God’s words were not for that child. Whoever wants to believe this is free to do so, but deep down everyone should know that modern versions of religions appear to be organizations with their own agendas having nothing to do with the real God.

Wishing a better future for all of us. SoG

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