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Prepare to help #SOG & #IRANELECTION

February 9, 2010

This is a post for those who are not familiar with how to volunteer to help the citizens in Iran. Most people heard of the false elections and there was some demonstrations happening. News would trickle in daily and a whole group of people were meeting each other for the first time uniting around helping this cause. Within the last 6 weeks I have seen the news pick up and when it was once a hunt to find reporters writing on Iran, now you can find too many to wade through in a day. I’m going to compile some of my posts and give you a way to consider getting involved with some time in raising awareness and be a part of this process on behalf of human rights.


Pandora’s Box – Video of Hangings 

I want to propose a majestic movement of Peace=Freedom – a noble concept that starts with my own consciousness to practice a state of continued benevolence. Human beings have inherited instincts to fight, war is natural, and to excogitated peace, prosperity and dignity is utopian. These lofty ideals we hear, preach, and strive towards our societies to civilize, may one day be possible.

I wanted to call attention to volunteering your time to help the people in Iran, Israel and beyond. You can use the ideas blogged and apply them to any nation of people who need our support for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The recent announcement on the news regarding the nuclear ambitions is nothing compared to the dire conditions of people suffering now. Anywhere you sit reading this in the world, you are capable of doing something that will support their spirit and will. I am going to suggest a few ideas, and I encourage anyone who has ideas to also include them here for others when they come to consider the life of our neighbors.

1) Read about the issues current in the world. News articles are being posted daily.

2) There are bloggers speaking about their experiences living in Iran, Palestine, Israel, and calling for change, non-profit organizations working to help the world’s children from suffering, and people we know who have a direct connection with someone in an area of the world that could use our support and love. They provide links to websites they believe will be of assistance.

3) Do not let your political ideology cloud your judgment when nations looking for a common goal of freedom are blogging, twitter, etc. Think of the goal in mind, the end result, many people are losing their life for peace and allowing self-imposed belief systems stop you from gathering information is not helpful.

4) Twitter has a movement to help. Twitter was targeted by a government recently to stop a user from getting information out. You can start by linking up with me Living Documents Twitter

5) Google websites that are helping the causes you support. You may need translation add-on’s for assistance and can use Google Translation. When you twitter you could put different code: #Conservative; #Liberal; #Israel; #Palestine; #Ashraf; #iranelection; #Iran; #SOG; #Amnesty; #HumanRights to target your audience. Look for ways of being effective with your efforts. You can also use those codes to get real-time results on your account to find people to follow who are active and helping.

7) Watch and share news stories on video with your friends.

The religious differences and principles of the Muslim, Christian, Judaism, Hindu, and all beliefs within our society should not be dismissed as unsolvable. People within the countries are seeking the same goals for their nations, neighbors, sons and daughters. The ability to think and reason should allow us to evolve towards peaceful and rational solutions.
Below I have included a speech from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and his challenge to the United Nations. He discusses Zionism and racism, intolerance and danger, as exemplified in the thinking process of the Iranian president. The history of Israel is expressed boldly as an example of struggles for freedom, destruction of war on family, nations, people, and the need to end the atrocities. The challenge is to end international legitimacy by United Nations and their collective actions which facilitate the endorsement of terrorism and strike mortal blows to lasting peace.

8 ) Read blogs, join forums, and board discussions. Write a post now after reading this.

9) Think about how much time a week you would be willing to spend to do one thing, even educate yourself for future conversations with others.

10) Live your life with your neighbors in a peaceful manner, when you depart others be sure to leave in good standing, and if all else fails, say a prayer for those who trespass against you and those who are trespassed upon.

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