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The Smallest Diamond In The World

February 8, 2010

Twelve years ago in the middle of a mall surrounded by friends I was suprised with an impromptu request to get married after picking out a little princess cut diamond. The thing I found strange was how many shoppers stopped what they were doing to listen while I hesitated and said, “OK.”

Not long after that I was meeting one of my friends who served in World War II for lunch. I have a thing for World War II vets. I walked from work to go meet Chet at a bar across the parking lot. Chet served in the Battle of the Bulge and although he couldn’t ever talk about his experience … I read a book about it and realized why. I look down at my hand while I was eating and I realized … the diamond fell out of my ring.

On my way back to work I tried to follow the same path I had walked and I made the most startling discovery ….. a parking lot looks like broken glass and diamonds every where! It was going to be impossible to find … and it was. I never found it.

I was talking to my aunt on the phone about what happened and she said, “Oh Heather, I have a ring you can have from my first marriage.” I agreed that was a solution and went to her house. My aunt is little and that ring couldn’t even fit my pinky…..but there was the teeny, tiniest diamond I ever did see and I took the ring. I didn’t care. The ring now was even more sentimental to me since my aunt wore it for many years.

I then took the ring to a friend who took my aunts diamond and placed it where I had lost mine. He said something in passing that there was bad karma with the ring. Sounded like voodoo jeweler talk to me so I didn’t inquire what he meant by that statement.

Fast-forward seven years later and we are finally getting married. We are picking out the wedding bands and I say to the salesman, “Would you mind polishing my little diamond down and taking out the scratches?” The man said to me, “I’m sorry, but diamonds don’t scratch….that is a Cubic zirconium.”

What! I laughed so hard. Not only was this the tiniest diamond in the world, it was fake! I called my aunt immediately and told her in which she responded…..”That cheap bastard!

Not long after that a friend of mine excitedly took me to his car to show me a diamond he had carefully wrapped in a cloth and asked me what I thought of it. I said, “That’s huge…would she really want to wear something that big?” He said, “The first thing she is going to do is take the ring to be appraised.” I said, “Really?” and proceeded to tell him my “smallest diamond in the world story”. He said, “This is the east coast Heather….not the west. Not only did neither you or your aunt go to get it appraised, you actually wore it between the two of you for over 20 years. Girls don’t do that here.

The rest of the story

I called my aunt to remind her of this story since it was making me laugh so hard. She then took a big sigh and said, “Heather, it’s time to tell you the truth. I was working outside and hit a tree and lost my original diamond. We were poor at the time and bought a fake diamond to replace it. The diamond was so small, I never thought you would find out, I mean who would have something so small appraised! I called your uncle and told him…you have to be the bad guy here….but now since it’s going over the internet, I suppose you need to know.”

I started laughing again and told her, “That’s even funnier!” Then we started talking about the “signs” that I shouldn’t have gotten married. Apparently, if your diamond falls out of your engagement ring before the wedding….the marriage won’t last and you are never supposed to accept a diamond from a marriage that broke up.” I broke both rules….not very superstitious I guess….maybe I should have been…but then I wouldn’t have all these funny stories to write about.

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