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A lesson from Paul Harvey

February 8, 2010

I always loved listening to Paul Harvey, especially….the rest of the story. There is one story in particular that I never forgot. I can’t remember the name of the artist he was speaking of but the story went something like this:

In New York city, there was a contemporary artist who won a most prestigious award. After doing so he was given the most beautiful apartment with fixtures of gold. Unfortunately, the artist hit a mental block and lived in this apartment sad and alone because he realized his last award was also his last painting. Depressed his talent had escaped him he walked down the streets of the city, drizzling rain upon him, the smell of food in the air …. and realized he had journeyed back into his old neighborhood….looking up the stairs to his old run down apartment. He decided to go in….and there it was….still empty to this day and a blank canvas and paint he had left behind. He picked up his paint brush, and opened his can of paint and the miracle of his spirit came alive and started to create … upon which he realized … he had not lost his ability … he had just left it home. Once realizing this, he knew he didn’t need the fancy apartment, doorman, prestige or expectations of others. He just needed that simple space that made his work great….and he moved back in to never stop painting from that day forward.

I had received a call today – that I could go get furniture and find myself a better place to live … but I’m like that artist in the story – and like my little hole in the wall.

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