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Heather Wins One

February 7, 2010

I guess no one expected me to win.

My dad use to shake his head and say…

“I can’t believe my daughter is a race car driver….”

I would convince my father to get in my car…and then say ….buckle up!!!! I would let passengers in my car, not just dad but anyone who wanted to go (at the expense of a few seconds on my time) because to share the experience was fucking awesome. I had no consistency since I drove stick. I didn’t go under 12 seconds so I could avoid the roll cage and helmet laws. There was nothing better than spring coming, and the track opened up for head to head racing on a Friday night for 20 dollars. That’s if you didn’t blow your engine. Saturday was test and tune…and Sunday was the competition. This was a great way to blow off steam. Washington is like that, if you can’t stop at your local shooting range after work….you can hit the trails 4x4ing, race or do whatever it was you wanted, if you realized the opportunity was there…and I always did.  Winning was all at the tree and reaction time ….then the best mathematical guess. I had to figure out how hot the temperature was, the wind factor, the amount of oil on the track spilled…and write in shoe polish on my window the time I believed I would run. If I was wrong and ran faster, then I broke out…and lost….whoever was closest to their time won….and the seconds were over before they began. When the day turned to night and we all were not completed in our competition, we would conference and continue with not only flood lights on, but every car that was remaining would move their car to light up the track as we raced down the road to oblivion. Man, that just can’t help but make you feel cool. No one ever wanted to give up. No one. I wasn’t the only girl racing, some girls had husbands that gave them all the best gadgets to run and win….I was raw, I ran and if I won it was due to my driving, if I lost, it was due to my driving. Fair enough. No nitrous, no gadgets to regulate my car, no nothing but my ability, and that is the basics of capitalism…..whooo … how did I leap there….easy….to each’s own ability…survival of the fittest….and not every battle is won….and that’s life.

I said I only won one….well maybe a few more….

BTW …. I’m hoping the Saints win … and the score is 10/3 them loosing….not for long …. not for long.

And I lost too…. but what is a man’s character without the victory of defeat?

I do all my own stunts….

Inside my car….

I’ve noticed someone comes to this post every single day. Could you leave me a comment …. don’t you get bored?


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