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Calling All Publishers – I’m ready to go back to work

February 6, 2010

If what I was doing before was my “last time”

then what is it that I will be doing next?

I’ll be writing

I suppose the route normally taken is to put some package together and shop myself to all publishers, media outlets, fill out resumes… but the clever one I will want to work with…… will find me first.

Reasons to invest or hire me!

1. I will make you money because I relate to people in all walks of life. I have book ideas, friends with work ready to publish, and am great at seeing trends.

2. I’m a road dog and love meeting new people. I’m never afraid to speak to an audience of one or a million.

3. I am always working because I love to.

4. If my ideas don’t work, then I’m willing to try yours.

5. I am highly productive.

6. I am constantly studying to grasp greater depth of subject matter.

7. I am raw: meaning I share my internal emotions all human beings can relate to. Pain is equal….to compete on who has the harder story is futile, when we all feel the same.

8. I will do it by myself if I must.

9. I’m able to write on politics, action adventure, paranormal or anything in between. I also am willing to be hired for a fair salary and benefits.

10. I have a strange way of looking at things.

11. I am reliably controversial and thick skinned.

12. I have an enormous amount of life experience in which to draw from.

13. I’m fair, there is not a lot I need … and I’m going to make you money.

Check out another website concept I’m developing: The Tweets Report

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