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The final stretch

February 5, 2010

Ugh….I’m sad to see it go….it’s the last day of my Sabbatical. I almost would like it to go on forever because the results have been so amazing, but to do that would reverse all the good that came out of it.

I am all stocked up with food for the big snow storm. I am sitting in front of my computer and realize….tonight is the night to complete my final essay on Inventory Control. Talk about boring but will probably be useful for a little report I plan to write in the near future.

So what changed in 3 weeks?

I have my own place.

I am the happiest I can remember being in a long time.

I have goals, plans and hopes for the future.

My head is clearing up and I think my writing will improve because of it.

I am going to write a book and I even know the story from beginning to end and how it’s going to flow. I have never watched the show Lost but always planned on joining Netflix so I could one day. One thing I noticed about the show is nobody ever seems to know what the show is about when they talk about it. That reminds me of my blog. So my book might unravel some of those questions…..even though it is going to be fiction. I’m going to expound on a story line in a world deep inside the recesses of my brain and bring it to life……

but in the meantime …. I am not leaving this seat till I complete that essay on Inventory Control….because now it’s all about finishing what I have started.

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