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Stop Assuming You Know What I’m Thinking

February 1, 2010

So you read my blog diligently…maybe even more than you should…you watch the music videos and you understand what it all means. Hell no….. you have no idea what any of it means….no offense….but honestly, if I don’t know….neither do you.

Maybe I should come up with an example…..mmmm…let me look into the videos I have posted. I bet you will never guess what I was really thinking….and I bet I wasn’t sure either when I did it. That’s the really cool thing about typing so fast …. all I see is oblivion. I don’t know what I have created until I am done, and I come back and back and still keep editing… work is literally a living document. If you see a post in the morning, print it out….check on it a week later (as long as you know I am not on some sort of self-imposed Sabbatical) and then look at it 7 days down the road… is different-and if I don’t have time to get to it then…I eventually do….I change, re-arrange, update, and contemplate what I’m trying to say…maybe sometimes I do so in haste, either the first or the last edit. Oh well…my blog….my rules 😉

I found a song that makes perfect non-sense….

If you watch this you might think I am thinking I long to be in the house of my “husband, lover, or god”

honestly… the guy just sings really well….someone sang just like Chris to me one night and it stuck in my head… and it means absolutely nothing except….

being by a freeway…(when I was stuck in the hotel room) alone (yes) and I wait…but nothing happens to fix my situation….and like a stone …. kind of just reminds me ….. confusion.

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