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The Inner Work Of Creation

January 31, 2010

I have found that stillness on this sabbatical…..where I was able to come to the place of resolving the issues I kept myself too busy through my job to think about. Now that my files have arrived …. I can reflect on those moments ago …. with a clearer picture (and fortunately for me….I have documented my life). My brother has a whole shoe box of 8mm tapes he is converting. Wait till I get my hands on all that video. I hope it survived the years of travel. He’s an editor….he’ll figure it out.

Posting during my Sabbatical is different now…..before I restricted myself so I could figure out what I wasn’t doing while I was doing this blog. Now I can reverse the process … and figure out what I’m thinking as I go through the process. For instance, have you ever noticed when you first meet someone the thing you find that you love about them is the same thing that drives you crazy later? Well, this blog helped me when I needed it …. but then it was hindering me when I needed to do other things. It’s that whole Yin/Yang thing I believe.

So I’m going to start looking at the pictures ….. and see what I pick out ….. it’s kind of like pulling from a deck of cards from a magician. Except it’s the universe’s card trick.

This is the way I am use to leaving a job. A big party is thrown and every one is sorry to see me go. I have learned through switching careers over the years how to say good bye, but I usually maintain contacts with the friends I’ve met along the way.

This is the car I brought from Washington, the first Cady I owned. I would drive this to work. Parking spots are not designed for this size car anymore but I was creative. Rule #1: Never buy a new car unless you have the cash to negotiate and pay in full.

Then I got a smaller Cady … much easier to park.

I’m now in St. Louis visiting the largest wrecking yard I have ever seen. It’s my 3rd year anniversary and we spend it here.

On my way to see the Arch!

This is one of my favorite American monuments….it’s the Gateway to the West.

Of course….I have to go up! It’s so Sci-Fi!

Check out the view of St. Louis!

There is also a museum.

And done for the day….but in awe.

Now I’m excited to put the puzzle together I bought….

This is where I would sit after work and do my homework while the TV kept me company.

I liked this corporate housing. It was really comfortable and safe.

The pool sold me.

Nobody was ever in the pools….so I could go swim freely every night.

The Cardinals had won the World Series the year before…so I had to go see them in action….but they lost 😦

I met some good company though.

The Farm takes its name from our 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant. In the 1850s, Grant founded and farmed a portion of the 281 acres. Today, this land is home to Grant’s Farm and is preserved as a living symbol of the Busch family’s love for animals and Anheuser-Busch’s commitment to wildlife conservation and preservation. Admission to Grant’s Farm is free to all ages. Reservations are not required.

I bought some milk and fed the baby goats.

Hello Turtle!

Howdy Mr. Parrot!

Kangaroos are cool!

Hello Your Honor!

The Pelican Brief and Pink Flamingos

Want some peanuts?

You can buy food out of a gum ball machine for the camels!

Did someone say 2 glasses of free beer in the Beer Garden? On my way!

One of the Clydesdale Horses …. too cool for school.

Time to drive back east.

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