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It Wasn’t All Bad

January 30, 2010

Work returned the contents from my external hard drive … so I found some pictures from the last year that remind me of some of the fun things I did before I started working 18 hours a day.

This was my office.

I often chose to be on the floor with the others in a cubicle.

There is always an enormous amount of files for me to convert.

These were Michael Jackson’s deer transported to the “secret ranch”.

It’s hard to get elephants to be serious…..

I probably shouldn’t have been wearing a “Slayer” sweater.

Deer are fragile….and one died in transit….so Asia ate it….a bit at a time and left some for cleaning up.

This is Asia.

This is Spikey, but he cries like a little girl…that’s OK…he is still a baby.

I wasn’t your typical corporate type…when I woke up in the morning before going to work….there were elephants in front of the home. Cleaning up the poop took awhile though.

For more about my life on the ranch, this is a children’s story I have been contemplating: The Amazing Scrubbies!

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