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Sabbatical Part III

January 29, 2010

This is a 21 day (3 week Sabbatical) after all. After the work from the last two weeks, I realize I have one more week I need to wrap things up.

I haven’t watched TV, nor read any articles on Iran, watched the 1 movie ….. and caught only bits and pieces of the President’s State of the Union address on the radio. As a news junkie I think I am doing pretty well. I haven’t been able to completely stop blogging, but it’s my sabbatical… rules. I get to make them up as I go along…..and like a living document…..they evolve.

I keep getting applications to go work as a contractor in the middle east, but I’m not applying for those jobs anymore either. I have a connection to go to Haiti to work …. but I’m not going to do that either. I remember when I was in LA, I had a dream …. I was in pitch blackness. I intuitively knew though I was sitting at the desk in my hotel room. I kept saying, “Where am I?” Cordell Crockett (it’s in the blog how I know him) was whispering in my right ear …. “go back to the east coast …. go back to the east coast” and I woke up. I remember when I woke up …. it was time to get out of Los Angeles.

Upon reflection …. all of my best decisions have been made from listening to my subconscious. Most of it isn’t logical to my waking brain but I’m glad I don’t let that small portion of my mind get in the way.

My ulterior motive has always been to help people …. and the proof is that now that I need help …. the universe is returning the favor.

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