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A Dream Within a Dream

January 28, 2010

I was up early this morning and wrote my daily blog post but was tired and went back to bed…which was soon to be a deep sleep and I started dreaming:

I was in the Comet Cyclone with the actor I have seen on Law & Order CI and a really good Steven Seagal movie Under Seige II…(the only Steven Seagal movie I remember really liking…he played the bad guy).

Anyway, we are stuck in a traffic jam….I get out and start filming this whole episode….while he begins to do donuts in a clearing that was on the road. As I was filming I was thinking to myself, wow, I’m really close to the tires of this car…it could hit me. I said…”Hey, the police could bust you for doing that!” Then I realize…yep….a cop was right behind the car. So the officer gets out to give him a ticket or a piece of his mind for screwing around …. and I wake up.

I find myself on my side, pushing myself in circles like the car was doing but here I am on the floor….and I see my hard drive near my face hooked up to my laptop near my bed. I think to myself….oh my god I actually slept walked out of bed, around all my computer stuff, laid on the floor still sleeping having this dream and turning like the car was turning in my dream. I get up to go to my roommates computer and I realize she is home and playing music in the background…..I hear this song…..

Just as I hear the part of the song “We can handle some resistance……”

My phone alerts me to a text…’s 10:24 a.m.

and I wake up….

I’m actually in my bed…I’m living with my Judge friend….I look to the floor where I thought I had just woken up and realized….

I had a dream within a dream.

I looked into this concept of a dream within a dream. What does that mean?

“I had dream within a dream last night!” Having a dream within a dream is an interesting way for your subconscious or unconscious mind to relay certain information to you, or represent something to you the dreamer.  If you go to sleep in your dream and have a dream it might be a way for your subconscious to change the time-frame or context of the original dream.  It may harken back to a previous situation or a glimpse of a later situation within the original dream.

The next thing I did was look up the actor. Who is this actor?  Yes I recognized him, but I didn’t know him by name. Interesting also that I was dreaming about “Under Seige 2 (TOO) – Dark Territory” The actor I’m dreaming about is named:
Eric Bogosian Eric Bogosian

I have nothing, so I blog everything and create something out of nothing. It’s a gift. Somewhere around March 3, 2010 I receive an email from Erik Tenzing Kernan…we talk about a week later and he says, “It’s fate. You should come to Washington.” I said, “And what, live with my parents?” He said, “No live with me.”
The last time I saw Tenzing was when he was a single dad, a caring mom who lived nearby, and an 11 year old named Grayson.
Tenzing & Grayson

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