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The Racial Reasons Not To Help Haiti

January 14, 2010

I know a lot about the Haitian people, because I have managed The Altino Brothers and one of my best friends is Haitian. My friend I speak of wanted to take me away from all this technology and reprocussions of living in a cyberworld. I told her today, let’s forget going to St. Lucia, and let’s go to Haiti. I will get my shots, and wear the same outfit every day, bringing only bottled water and MRE’s.

I understand the suffering that people endure in Haiti spawns from the class system. The whiter you are the higher you raise in the economic system. Then if you are lucky enough to come to America….you are met by others who create their own class system, and the Haitian is always at the bottom.

Racism really has to end. I hope those that have spoken poorly to Hatians in their past, use this disaster as a time and place where they can make a difference and donate to help the victims of the earthquake.

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