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Senegal …. who … what …. and why?

January 14, 2010

Do you remember who I met on Christmas?

If not…now you have to read this post too … that is if you are interested in Senegal: Guess Who I Met On Christmas

So I went out tonight to get a little social interaction. I had so many great stories to bring back to tell you about interesting topics I spoke of with the bartender and random patrons: lack of security at airports in other countries, used computers shipped to China and poisoning the workers, should you invest in banks, people in depressed economic times trying to save animals, donations ending up buying goods and selling them on the black market, people are not poor in America…just lazy, and what is the definition of extra-dry martinis! Seriously, wouldn’t any of those subjects been interesting! There was also this woman that I met that I thought changed the course of my life …. that was two drinks ago. Man that is still funny to me. That was two drinks ago of HER drinking … not me! I just sat there as sober as when I came in, kinda… well….I didn’t piss anyone off this time….Iguess.

So of course, bored….too late to call anyone …. I might as well call the guy who wants me to help him with the campaign of Senegal. That is a kind of drunk thought isn’t it? But I did. And he answered. And he still wants me to work for his campaign. I told him I didn’t have the credentials, and he said, “What do you mean…I have read your blog!” Oh come on now, it’s just therapy…..I just have the motivation to come to the computer every day and spout off!

I told him I’ve been busy, and that is true….how did I create a self-imposed schedule of non-payable events is beyond me….but I did.

I’m actually not even tipsy….but…..

I think to maintain the integrity of the campaign….I’ll start a new post.


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