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Ladies & Gentleman, It Gives Me Great Pleasure To Introduce You To …..

January 14, 2010

The future Mr. President , from the country of Senegal.

I conducted an interview tonight and asked him questions I was genuinely curious about. I know this might sound a little odd, but the closest thing I have ever heard about the country of Senegal was a reference to last seasons (my favorite show) 24 about “Sengale” …. you mean it doesn’t actually exist on the map….I googled it… I can’t find Sengale. Here’s his website: Nadems

OK…so I have to start from scratch:

Q: What is your Gross Domestic Product?

A: Fish, minerals (gold), tourism (from Iran…Ok now I’m interested)

Q: What qualifies you to run for President?

A: I am a journalist (I thought he was always telling me he was a General) known in Europe. Samba Kara Ndiaye and his radio station can be heard on Samba Kara Ndiaye Radio Broadcast

Q: What is your religion?

A: I am a Muslim.

Q: Are you parents alive?

A: Yes, and they are worried about my survival because of my political and social improvement ambitions.

Q: Who founded Senegal?

A: (The answer is too long go to …. Wikpedia on Senegal)

Q: What is your platform?

A: The first thing I am concerned with is stopping the slave trade of children.

Q: I’m all for that, who wouldn’t be? There is a term known as economic terrorism where countries are accused of loaning money to poorer nations to build roads, and infrastructure….but the corruption leads the money to be diverted and the debt is impossible to pay leaving the country obligated to give the natural resources back to the lender. What is the platform you have regarding the economics of Senegal?

A: Yes, I am aware of that, and the infrastructure of Senegal must be improved. All people should be supported to work, including women. A big problem our country has is often women are shackled by marriage and a high birth rate of children, and sometimes left as in divorce cases to fend for themselves after they have no work experience.

We discussed many topics and I was impressed with his answers. Of course, I have to study the issues, country, his previous work, listen to his radio show, and other elements I must understand of this presidential election campaign beginning in 2011. I also have to see who the current adminstration is, what they are and are not doing for the country. Who is backing who and why? There is so much to consider before thinking about launching a Presidential campaign. Can I do it? Probably. Will I do it is the question. My last question I will share with you:

Q: You are discussing this as if the country is morally bankrupt, and you are a preacher …. how are you going to express this to the citizens of Senegal. Are you writing a book?

A: You were my Christmas gift …. will you help me?

Oh shoot… now I have 2 other books for friends I still have to finish….I didn’t tell him that yet. I guess he will read it here. I said, “let’s start with the blog”.

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