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One Of The Most Major Disasters We Have Seen

January 13, 2010

This video was one I sent to my friends last year about the conditions in Haiti.

This disaster will spread cholera and TB….long after the concrete cinder blocks are picked up. Raw sewage is flowing down the street along with the disease. No clean water to be found. No infrastructure. The people are going to contract typfoid, and it’s going to be a major disaster long after the numbers of deaths after from the initial earth quake. This disaster is so big …. it’s too much for any one of us to fix.

The Altino Brothers are from Haiti and if anyone would like to do some fundraising they perform amazing Classical, Jazz and Religious pieces. Their website is: The Altino Brothers Website

I don’t need to share with you the devestation …. but all efforts of support count:

This is from one of my friends:


On Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 the country of Haiti experienced a deadly devastation that has not happened to them in over 200 years.

With a 7.0 earthquake Haiti has a significant loss of life, crumbled infrastructure, and the potential to more hardships, including lack of basic needs and healthcare.

There are many ways you can donate to help the relief efforts in Haiti; your help will put our country closer to restoring its buildings, way of life and treatment to the wounded.

Red Cross:  Donate to the Red Cross via online or on your cell phone, $10 to be charged, by texting “HAITI” to “90999.” 

YeleHaiti: Donate $5 on your cell phone, by texting “YELE” to 501501.

Other ways to donate towards Haiti can be found in Huffington Post:

Please spread the word and let’s all unify in restoring human life, basic needs to a country, and giving back when it is needed.

May God bless you and your loved ones, always and in all ways.


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