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The Threats Never End

January 12, 2010

Why did I marry him? He is texting me messages about how I’m a criminal and in danger of my own life and the police are coming, and I’ll be in the news paper, and blah blah blah. So if that’s all true, that’ll really get this blog rolling. What an asshole.

That’s unbelievable. He has his friend hack my Facebook account because I hear him on the phone on a date with his girlfriend Kim. So he tells me he doesn’t believe me that I’ve been hacked (convenient) so he can behave any way he wants to. Then he goes out with her (she doesn’t even know he’s married) with the best man from our wedding and his girlfriend. I listen to them for over an hour having a lovely time …..

Then he goes and sends someone to hack me.  ME…. the person who has been through the invisible war, that “he doesn’t believe”.

He’s telling me the cops are coming. Should I just go down stairs and wait for them? Turn myself over and say, “Ya, you got me! Tax dollars at work!”

If I go to jail, I’m really going to enjoy this one. I’ll write all about it when I get out. They can’t lock me up forever …. can they? What if I accidentally die while in custody. That would be something. Do they really want to even bother with this domestic dispute? I have so many questions.

This is interesting. Earlier today I truly believed I had 24 hours to live, because I really believe George when he says “they’re going to smoke me”.

Think about this…..if you believe you have 24 hours to live, what do you do. Who do you call, who do you decide to say goodbye to.

I’ll tell you one thing, I didn’t feel like being on the computer anymore. I took a walk. I started calling my family, what friends I have left. Shit, I didn’t call my grandpa. I got side tracked. I had dinner with my girlfriend.

I tried to leave as much information about my demise as possible.

That kind of sucks too though, because people still don’t believe me and as long as I’m alive …. it looks even more unreal.

I have so much work to do for Iran. I have so much to learn. I love life. I laugh a lot. I laugh at myself a ton. I wonder what’s going to happen next. What a journey.

Will it all end suddenly? Will I see it coming? Or will I live a long life, and ache from arthritis and talk about my doctor visits?

Will I ever work again? Will I complete my degree? Will I get into Columbia? Will I pass the GRE with high grades? Will I travel? Will I ever see my family again? Who will be the last friend I speak to? Will I be incarcerated and have fake charges trumped up on me?

Will my husband relish in the pain he causes me? Will I ever love another man again? Will I ever know what could be?


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