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How Soon Is Now?

January 10, 2010

I was bawling all night long. Tears would not stop streaming down my face. I played all these music videos from posts before, and nothing would stop the crying. The Judge finally woke up and came in to see me.

“What’s the matter?” the Judge asked.

I responded in between sobs…”I talked to my therapist….” gasping for air in between words.

Judge, “What did she say?”

I just put my head in between my hands as I admitted, “She said I am solid.”

The Judge said, ‘Come on, get off the computer, I need some help putting away my Christmas tree….”

but I gasped….”If I’m normal, then that’s worse than I thought….what does that mean! What is happening to me!”

The Judge said, “Oatmeal?”

I stopped crying and wiped the tears from my eyes, “No, I really like the yogurt with blueberries and walnuts, it’s my favorite breakfast….”

and soon….we were packing away all the holiday nick-nacks and I forgot all about being a normal human being with flaws.

Oh you are so clever….not my music….but I will keep it for notes


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