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Do You Love Star Wars As Much As I Do!

January 5, 2010

I met Kevin Rubio 16 years ago, and this was by far my favorite video he made at the time. He is still awesome, and has a great YouTube site Kevin Rubio YouTube Rocks!

Check this out!

I believe I should share with you some of my own experiences.
I lived on a 5 acre piece of property. 3 acres were grape vineyards, the rest was a pond my father built, an old wine factory, and an old home. When my father went to work locally, he was an artist. He could create the most beautiful additions to small cabins, or cabinets for ones homes. One day, I saw the IRS come, and asked, “How are you feeding your family?”
They found out he was doing a side job to feed his 3 children
and we all suffered after that day.
We grew everything, and canned, or made jelly, juice and wine. We made our own pickles, and had to scrap off the salt every day. We grew our own mustard and wrapped it around our hotdogs.
One day, my father had to kill some chickens so we could eat them. I sat in the front of the house looking at the sky and I saw an opening in the clouds. I wrote in my “Super Secret Diary…DO NOT READ” that I saw the headless chickens flying through the opening of the sky.
Well, with all parents, if you write “Super Secret Diary …DO NOT READ” They read it.
So my mother read it and asked my father…..what should we do? Should we send her to church? I was probably between 12-14 at the time. 
My father said, “No, let her find her own way.”
I watched Star Wars Trilogy every day….that was my religion. I will expound on why later, when I feel like it. May the Force Be With You……
Force Yourself!

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