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A Human Kind

January 3, 2010

With integrity, nothing else counts. Without integrity, nothing else counts.

-Winston Churchill

I had the television on in the background and I kept stopping what I was doing to listen to Jon Huntsman. This is the kind of human I want all of us to strive to be. This man has integrity and amazing compassion. This is worth watching. As Glenn Beck said, “Very few people live their words.” 

Huntsman Cancer Institute is a hospital where no one is ever turned down. The Huntsman Online Patient Education (HOPE) Guide is a one-stop resource for cancer information, containing more than 3000 pieces of information, books, brochures, FAQs, and medical journal articles on all types of cancer, treatment, research and prevention.

I’m going to get that book Jon Huntsman wrote “Winners Never Cheat

Self-Made Billionaire, Jon Huntsman, Speaks Out on Honesty and Generosity.How good values and doing the right thing can be your #1 competitive advantage!

  • An antidote to years of corporate scandal, greed, and bad behavior.
  • Follow a moral compass to success: Nice guys don’t finish last.
  • By a self-made billionaire who has done well by doing good.
  • Foreword by Glenn Beck.
  • Figure out what type of person you want to do business with. Then, be that person — and use this book to get you there.
  • Read Winners Never Cheat from national best-selling author Jon Huntsman for an introspective journey into conducting business ethically.

“In today’s world where too many people try to grab and hoard as many dollars as they can, where politicians do anything to cling to power, where we mistakenly believe that business can no longer be done with a look in the eye and a handshake, it is time that we remember the values of honesty, integrity, and generosity. Like George Washington was in his time, Jon Huntsman is our time’s “indispensable man.” Look to Jon Huntsman, as he is still showing us the better way.”
–From the foreword by Glenn Beck

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