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URGENT Action Required From The Iran Information Project

January 2, 2010

The Iran Information Project


URGENT Action Required
Investigations into Khamenei crimes


To: Prosecutors of the International Court of Justice

Based on the constitution of the Islamic regime ruling Iran, Ali Khamenei, the leader designated as The Absolute Theocratic Guardianship, has unlimited authority, his commands must be unconditionally enforced and he cannot be challenged or opposed in any way.

As a result, in view of the recent warrant issued by your court, in the case of Omar al-Bashir, the criminal leader of The Sudan, we the below signatories, call upon you to also investigate crimes committed by Ali Khamenei, and to also issue a warrant for his arrest.

To read about, view and sign this petition, please click HERE. Thank you.

Stop Child Executions


Petition to stop the executions of juvenile offenders in Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran is obligated under International Law and Treaties to sustain from these executions however they continue to carry out these crimes without regard to public and political outcries to stop.

Read about, view and sign the petition by clicking HERE.

To view Human Rights attorney Mohammad Mostafaei’s commentary about saving lives of those sentenced to death, please click HERE. Thank you.

2 young women, Meryem Rostampour, 27 and Marzieh Amirizadeh Esmaeilabad, 30


In Iran, 27 year old Meryem Rostampour and 30 year old Marzieh Amirizadeh Esmaeilabad will be put to death on charges of having changed their religion or apostasy.

The 9th of August 2009 was the first day in court. Haddad, the deputy prosecutor insisted with great pressure that the women should renounce their Christian faith, both in writing and verbally. According to secure information, it was a moving sight, how the two women persisted, even with Mr. Haddad, and repeatedly stressed that they did not regret anything and would not recant their faith in Christ.

To read about, view and sign this petition, please click HERE. Thank you.

Save Safar Angooti from execution


Safar Angooti, now aged 20, was due to be executed on 21 October, 2009, for a crime committed when he was 17, but he received a one-month stay of execution. We must stop his execution. Please help pressure the judiciary court in Iran to review Safar Angooti’s case and to overturn his death sentence.

Read about, view and sign the petition for Angooti by clicking HERE. You may also visit Angooti’s FaceBook page by clicking HERE. Thank you.

Mona Zarei – Bone Marrow Donor Needed – Urgent


My name is Mona Zarei, and I am writing to you from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.

I am a 26-year-old graduate of Sharif University in Tehran, currently a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at the Florida International University. Unfortunately, after only four months living in America, in November 2007, I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, which has gradually led to bone marrow failure.

Within the last two months, I have been repeatedly hospitalized in the intensive care unit (ICU). As my medical team has concluded, my only option for survival is a bone marrow transplant. I have tried several bone marrow banks, but have not been successful in finding a match.

Scientifically, the possibility of finding a match among Iranians is higher than those of other nationalities. It is for this reason that I am reaching out to you for help in saving my life.

To read about, this request, please click HERE. Thank you.

Save Bahman (shirko) Maarefi from Execution


Bahman Moaarefi, known as Shirko, is a 30-year-old Kurd activist from Banneh (a city in Kurdistan province). He has been charged by the Iranian judicial system with propaganda against the regime and as fighting against god, which in Iran is a now crime punishable by death. Moaarefi was transferred to solitary confinement at Saghez central prison, and in all probability, he is going to be executed within one to two days.

Read about, view and sign the petition to save Bahman(shirko) Maarefi from execution by clicking HERE. You may also read more about Maarefi’s case on FaceBook by clicking HERE. Thank you.

Save Zeinab Jalalian from Execution


This petition asks UN Gen. Secy. Ban Ki Moon to use his authority and do whatever possible to stop Zaynab Jalalian’s execution.

Zeynab, a 27-year-old Kurdish political prisoner, was sentenced to death on November 26, 2009. She was arrested in the city of Kermanshah in Iran by Iranian security forces and transferred to Sepah Pasdaran’s (Guardians of the Revolution) intelligence office. Revolution court in Kermanshah city conducted a brief trial without due diligence and proper legal representation, lasting only a few minutes. Based on her membership of a Kurdistan political party, she was accused of ‘Fighting God’ and was given the death penalty.

Click HERE to view the website. To read about, view and sign the petition, please click HERE. Thank you.

URGENT! Save Hamed Rouhinejad from Execution in Iran


Following the post-election mass protests, because of false promises and threats, Rouhinejad ended up playing a role in the show trials as a protester, a role that resulted in a death sentence for him..

To read about, view and sign this petition, please click HERE. Thank you.

Urgent Call to Action Petition to release seven Baha’i prisoners in Iran


This petition is an urgent call to action to save the lives of seven innocent Baha’i prisoners who are being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Read about, view and sign the petition in support of religious freedom in Iran by clicking HERE. Thank you.



The International Organisation of Iranian Refugees (IOIR) urges UNHCR turkey to immediately action for Mrs. aziz moradi life’s and call Turkish government to avoid her deportation to Iran.

To read about, view and sign this petition, please click HERE. Thank you.

Support Ghassemlou


To: Sec-Gen Ban Ki-moon

November 11th, 2009, Ehsan Fattahian was executed by the Government of Iran and they are planning to execute specifically, 13 more Kurds. I beg to you and all international communities to do whatever they can to stop the human right violation in Iranian Kurdistan. As you know, the Kurdish people are asking for their basic right as all people in the world, freedom and human rights.

I have sent this letter to many Human Right Organizations, Canadian MPs, the Canadian Prime Minister, and the President of the United States of America and the Secretary General of the United Nations.

To read about, view and sign this petition, please click HERE. Thank you.

Support Striking Asylum Seekers in Turkey-Ankara


This petition, directed to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Ankara,Turkey and Geneva, Switzerland, questions the UNHCR’s treatment and performance vis-a-vis thousands of refugees and claimants in Turkey. It also demands that the UNHCR:
  • Recognise the right to asylum for those fleeing Iran, especially women and children; 
  • Immediately re-open and review all closed case files, especially sitting strikers in Ankara.

To read about, view and sign this petition, please click HERE. Thank you.

UN Investigation of Human Rights Violation in Iran


“The Committee of Mourning Mothers of Iran” calls upon UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon to immediately send a delegate to Iran to investigate, identify and prosecute those responsible for imprisonment, disappearance, torture and killing of our children.

Please read about, view and sign this petition by clicking HERE. Thank you.

Isa (Issa) Saharkhiz: Request for his release from Evin Prison Iran


Journalist Isa (Issa) Saharkhiz is being held at Evin prison simply for writing his views about Iran’s illegal election. Read about, view and sign the petition in support of free speech in Iran by clicking HERE. Thank you.

Release Hossein ‘Hoder’ Derakhshan from Evin Prison


Canadian blogger Hossein ‘Hoder’ Derakhshan started the blogging revolution in Iran and is called father of Persian blogging or the ‘Blogfather’ by many journalists. He has been imprisoned in Evin since October 2008 without having been charged with any crime. Read about, view and sign the petition in support of Derakhshan’s release by clicking HERE. Thank you.

Against Executions in Iran


Regarding the non-neutral character of Iranian judiciary, we, solicit you Mr. General Secretary of the UN, for an immediate intervention by pressuring the Iranian authorities for a stay of these scheduled executions.

To read about, view and sign this petition, please click HERE. Thank you.

United for Women


We really need a revised law that leads to a better life quality for women in Iran.

To read about, view and sign this petition, please click HERE. Thank you.

Save IRAN from Executions


To: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

We believe that Iran should be pressured to uphold the international human rights standards to which it has acceded.

Accordingly, we respectfully urge you to use your office:

  • To bring these violations of basic human rights to the attention of the world community.
  • To ask the UN Security Council to condemn the recent executions in Iran.
  • To request a cessation of all executions by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • To demand Iran’s compliance with the provisions of the Article 6 of ICCPR

To read about, view and sign this petition, please click HERE. Thank you.

Safeguarding the Cyrus the Great Cylinder


The hostility of the clerical regime of Iran toward anything and everything Persian that predates Islam is a well-documented fact. The priceless cylinder of Cyrus the Great belongs to Iran. Entrusting it into the hands of the sworn enemies of Persian heritage entails an unacceptably high risk.

It is imperative that British authorities rescind their decision to lend the cylinder for exhibit to an Iranian museum at this time. Instead, they should take every measure to insure that the Cyrus Cylinder is preserved safely and returned to its rightful owner Iran, but only after the demise of the Islamic Republic.

Read about, view and sign the petition to save this important artifact of Iran’s cultural heritage by clicking HERE. Thank you.

The Ishtar Gate
under Cyrus the Great
circa 539 BCE

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