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Kirby Talk leaves a final note for 2009.

January 2, 2010

I checked in with Kirby Talk blog and found A final 2009 note. This was so powerful, I wanted to share it.

A couple of last minute thoughts. Please pray for the families of the CIA agents killed in Afghanistan by that suicide bomber. We sometimes forget that there are brave and skillful Americans fighting Islamic radicalism and America’s enemies around the globe who don’t wear uniforms. The station chief was one of those killed and she was the mother of three. I don’t know the family or personal status of the others, but eight families lost someone in that blast. And, they gave their lives for their country. God bless them and all of America’s warriors, in uniform and without, who sacrifice for our nation and our liberty.

And, keep the people of Iran in your thoughts and prayers. They have taken to the streets again and deserve our support. The current regime in Iran is the source of so much tension and terror, a regime change would be a big step forward toward a more peaceful and stable world. We as a people and nation should announce our support for the Iranian people against their extremist and tyrannical government. It would be the right thing to do.


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