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January 2, 2010

I don’t have a subscription to this magazine but was alerted to the information when I was reading the comment section on a Kirby Talk post A Final 2009 Note:

December issue of Current History has an interesting article on developments in Iran. Basic theme was that the current regime has been directing a takeover of portions of the economy previously the basis for merchant middle class and transitioning them into monopolies for members of the Revolutionary Guard and Islamic “foundations”.

You may have been aware of that aspect of the situation, but I was not.

Current History

Middle East: December 2009

Behind Iran’s Crackdown, an Economic Coup

By: Fariborz Ghadar

Description: “A dramatic shift of economic power has taken place—away from traditional private sector groupings and toward select religious foundations and Revolutionary Guards entities.”

Middle East: December 2009

The Middle East’s New Power Dynamics

By: Anoushiravan Ehteshami

Description: “Iran’s rise has alarmed Israel, Turkey, and the core Arab states in equal measure, encouraging a . . . reworking of the regional balance of power.”

Volume: 108
Issue: 722
Page: 395 


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