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Prisoner Swap on New Years – Terrorist For Journalist

January 1, 2010

  • “The official line is the release of Qazali is about reconciliation, but in reality this was a prisoner swap,” a military intelligence official said.
  • “This was a deal signed and sealed in British and American blood,” a US military officer told The Long War Journal. “We freed all of their leaders and operatives; they [the League of the Righteous] executed their hostages and sent them back in body bags. And we’re supposed to be happy about it.”
  • As of mid-October, the US had released more than 100 members of the League of the Righteous. The US has also released several senior Qods Force officers, including Mahmud Farhadi, the leader of the Zafr Command, one of three units subordinate to the Qods Force’s Ramazan Corps. Farhadi was among five Iranians turned over to the Iraqi government and then subsequently turned over to the Iranians in July.

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US releases ‘dangerous’ Iranian proxy behind the murder of US troops and you will find more links at the end of this post.

I just launched The Tweets Report, this is the first post below:

A soldier came back from Afghanistan and asked me, “Where do you get your news?” I told him, “Twitter”. This website is going to explain why. Each day I will follow a different Tweet.

 To kick off the New Year I’m introducing you to TheVeni1


!!! ATTENTION !!! During September 2009, #Iranelection #Iran #Neda #SOG #Amnesty #HRWand countless others sent over 120 petitions to the United Nations regarding atrocities being committed in Iran by Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, Larijani and other leaders of the IRI. These petitions, with over 1.8 million signatures, against the IRI for a number of national and international crimes they are committing have thus far gone unanswered. The arrest, tortures, killings and oppression have only gotten worse.

In November we again sent the petitions, this time with over 2 million signatures, to the U.N. and multiple heads of state, the P5+1 in regards to the human rights abuses. Again, nothing has been done and the atrocities continue.

According to the ICC guidelines, ONLY heads of states can pursue criminal charges against the IRI. Why has this not been done? Why isn’t there charges being announced. We know of over 100 murders committed since June and that evidence has been presented to the Hague Court in the Netherlands.

More blatant international crimes of shipping tons of weapons to international terrorist groups have been discovered on three occasions since June. Are we going to continue to put up with this or will we yell louder in the New Year? It’s up to you, the citizens of the world. Let me know, I’m ready to fight on.

It is time we all stand again and demand from those ‘WE’ elect, to do what we want. We demand intervention and prosecution. We petition the leaders of the U.N. countries again to immediately bring these charges forward at the Hague.

Sincerely Yours,

This video on YouTube The Veni1 “favorited”. This is proof of demonstrator’s being shot at on December 27, 2009.

The Veni 1 asked me what my soldier friend would think about President Obama releasing Iran terrorist for British Hostage today on New Years….bringing full circle how following the right people on Twitter can keep you up to the minute on what is happening in the world. The stories below I have not heard on the news while it’s been on while I developed this post.

News Alert

U.S. releases top Iranian terrorist Qays Khazali in exchange for BRITISH hostage Peter Moore

US Releases Iranian-backed Terrorist Behind murder of US Troops

U.S. Transferred Detainee Before Hostage Release


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