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First Day

January 1, 2010

I’ve always heard what you do the first day of the year is a reflection of what the rest of the year will be like, so I do my best on this day to get important things completed.

1. Paperwork! Ugh, I need a staff, I hate paperwork, but I’m doing it.

2. Write a post (even if it’s as simple as this one, I like to always make sure to post something every day)

3. Be nice to any one who happens to cross my path today. I usually am but there is always 1 person around poking me so that one is the most important to impose this rule upon.

4. Get some exercise.

5. Do one thing that will remarkably improve my health. I know what that is. That last job I was on I started smoking, so the job is over…and I’m quitting that disgusting habit. As ridiculous as it seems to stop today (how trendy) I just am over it, I don’t need it anymore, and I knew this day would finally come. The good thing about me, when my brain says enough, it’s over.  I don’t need to do anything but wait for my brain to make that decision. Thanks brain!


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