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December 30, 2009

I use to work for a Superior Court Judge, and she took me under her wing years ago. She would call me into her chambers every day and it took her 9 months, but she finally convinced me to return to college. I had attended Evergreen State College out of high school but that’s for another post. The one thing she finally said that convinced me, “Heather, they can never take away your education from you.” I was sold!

I had always seen those pop up ads on the internet for the University of Phoenix, and I answered one of them finally. It didn’t take the campus in Jersey City but a week to get my paperwork all sorted out and I was beginning my degree for a B.S. in Business Management. Working in a court-house on the east coast, surrounds you with graduates from the most prestigious schools. In between court cases, I would be working on my math or whatever assignment I had. One time the Presiding Judge asked me, “Is that a real college?” My judge admitted too, “I was concerned that was the school you chose, but after I reviewed your homework, it is amazing, up to date, topical, and now.”

The judge came to my graduation last year and I could see her waiving in the beautiful PAC theater, and I gave her my sash. I really understood what she meant. The rule to graduating was you had to have 9 credits from your degree to “walk”. I had 9.5 credits left to go. That was OK, I had some prior learning essay’s to write for the elective credits and I would be finished! Then something happened, and those who know me well, know what happened, but for blog sake, let’s just say my job took over my life….18 hours a day, no days off, and by the time I wanted to turn in my essays, I had lost a year of my life, and the ability to submit my work.

Something new came out of that opportunity though, a desire to learn IT Security. I saw the future, and it was the Wild Wild West in GUI. I saw things that didn’t make any sense, things that I can not, nor will ever find the truth to. What I did learn though, was I’m coming after those that came after me. Not literally those crackers, but those people who think because they have computer programming knowledge have the right to fuck with people’s jobs, lives, and head.

So I am in appeal for returning to the campus of the University of Phoenix thanks to the best academic counselor ever. I have to be the hardest student to schedule with my former employment duties moving me from state-to-state.  I went to the college yesterday and met with those wonderful people who run the college, who waited for me to return to the east coast, and who had no problems assisting me in my pursuit of justice. I was told about a graduate of the University of Phoenix who President Obama hired as the Cybersecurity Czar!

ISF’s Howard Schmidt becomes US Cybersecurity Czar

President Obama Hires University of Phoenix Graduate

While I was speaking to the President of the college, I told him I would be happy to continue to get my Masters Degree at the UOP, but that there was this course in Columbia beginning in the Spring 2010, that I felt fit my needs. Either way, he is happy to help since he graduated from Columbia. I also was so fortunate to have the IT Chairman help me through the isolated days of summer to keep me focused on what to read and general feedback. I can not express my gratitude to him enough. He may not know the impact that his support had on keeping me moving forward and eventually arriving to his office yesterday, where he was able to interview me in person. He also put me on a computer and I worked on some very basic Microsoft Visual C++, but after my lesson he said, “You’ll do just fine.” Even as I write this, as tough as I am, as balls out as I have been, and as unrepentant as I will be …. it brings tears to my eyes.

There are other questions you may have when you read my blog, at least I would wonder if I was you.

1) What’s the deal with Kirby Wilbur?

I wrote Kirby Wilbur my story and I asked him if he would be willing to write me a “letter of recommendation” for Columbia. He said he would consider it, but would need to discuss this with me further. Well, I didn’t want to blow it. What if I couldn’t explain the chaos that was surrounding me without sounding crazy and jeopardize his good name by putting it to mine? So I wrote back Kirby and I said, “I will make you a blog, where you can follow my studies, and when it gets time, if you think I am deserving and understand where I am coming from, then you can choose to write the letter or not without any pressure from me.” That blog was named “Living Documents” to show my seriousness in learning the Constitution before I learned programming so that when I went to fight in cyberspace, protect America, that I would know the laws our Founding Father’s designed, and would not behave in a way that would constitute the kind of hacking and bullshit I had seen placed on me, on my job, in my computer, and ultimately against my very rights as a United States citizen for privacy.

Where’s Kirby Wilbur?

I Heard Kirby Wilbur On The Radio!

2. What’s the deal with Iran? I was alone, working on delivering the documents, and I saw the people take to the streets after the election results were obviously fraudulent against the people of Iran. I related to them in 3 ways and wanted to help: 1) I was tired of living under threats to my life 2) I was tired of being lied to 3) I wanted my freedom.

Even during school I will continue to blog ….and I am moving with the same determination I had the day I committed to write it for just one person, as I now share it with so many of you.

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