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Physics Fun Facts

December 29, 2009

Dr. Richard Muller has a ton of lectures available on YouTube, but I’m taking the “Fun Facts” out of reading his book Physics For Future Presidents, just in case I decide it’s time to give up my blog job and start running the country. My platform would be simple, “No child should be going to school in 100 dollar sneakers, when they can’t read….or count. Parents should be spending that money on tutors if they don’t know how to help them with their homework, and break the cycle of being a dumb shit.”

“The China Syndrome” was coined by someone with a dry sense of humor. Remember when you are a kid, you think you can dig a hole to China? (Yes I did try to do this). This definition is in reference to a nuclear power reactor’s worst case scenario of a meltdown, in which the contamination would seep through the ground….all the way to the other side of the Earth to China! But don’t worry! This is the fun fact: 1) The scenario is impossible and 2) There isn’t any nuclear reactors on the other side of the Earth in correlation to China.

A Pebble Bed Reactor is safer than nuclear reactors and safer than “global warming dangers” posed by fossil fuels. There is also economic benefits from more useful power from the same fuel. Of course, this is where some outdated laws are in the way to proceed. The nuclear reactor rules written for the older generation of reactors may not be appropriate for the newer designs, yet they are the law. For example, some rules mandate emergency core cooling systems for all power reactors, yet such a system does not make sense for a core that cannot overheat.

Al Qaeda understands physics more than the general population, besides using the gasoline from the airplanes on 9/11 …. one of those bastards told Jose Padilla to abandon his efforts to make a dirty bomb and instead focus his efforts on natural-gas explosions in apartment buildings. Why? Dirty bombs wouldn’t kill enough of us. Watch those guys buying simple gasoline, disruption is not as complicated as we may be thinking to our life style.


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