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Tweets Cover Iran’s Demonstrations

December 26, 2009



به گزارش خبرگزاری فرانسه از تهران، ماموران جنايتكار رژیم امروز به سوی مردم معترض تيراندازى كردند. بنا به گزارشهای منتشر شده، در اثر این تیراندازی سه نفر کشته شدند. از میدان انقلاب خبر می رسد که صدای شلیک تیر به گوش می رسد.

تلويزيون بی بی سی جهانى نیز در گزارشی شمار كشته شدگان را سه نفر اعلام كرده است.

Translation: AFP reports from Tehran, officials criminal regime, today the people were protesting the shooting. According to published reports, in the shooting of three people were killed. News reaches the Revolution Square in the Persian month Tir that shoot sound reaches your ear.

BBC World television also reported the number killed three people has announced.

0955 GMT: 4th Death? Sources are reporting that a person has been killed in demonstrations at Vali-e Asr.

میدان ولیعصر ، درگیری شدید گزارش شده بسیاری از ماموران و مردم معترض زخمی شده اند، به علت شدت جراحات زنان و دختران در اکثر نقاط تهران زمین گیر شده اند، نیروهای گارد ویژه تا کنون دست و پای بسیاری از معترضین را با ضرب و شتم شکسته اند…. 13:10

Translation: Vali-Asr Square, intense conflict, many officers reported injured people have been protesting due to the severity of injuries, women and girls in most parts of Tehran have been fluke, especially since the guard forces hand and foot with many protesters beaten broken have …. 13:10

گزارشها حکایت از حرکت تعداد زیادی از مردم از خیابان کریمخان و از طریق خیابانهای ویلا و ایرانشهر به سمت خیابان انقلاب دارد. همچنین در درگیری مقابل دانشگاه  امیرکبیر تعدادی از مردم مجروح و جمعیت تا حدودی متفرق شده است.

Translation: Reports story moving large numbers of people through the streets of K. Street and Villa Street Iranshahr toward the revolution. Also, the involvement of Amir Kabir University and a number of people injured population has dispersed somewhat.

No live footage from Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

کشته شدن سه نفر در درگيری های پل کالج، جرس

» نسخه قابل چاپ
» ارسال به بالاترین
» // ارسال به فیس بوک

شبکه جنبش راه سبز (جرس): در درگيری های صورت گرفته در پل کالج متاسفانه سه تن از هموطنانمان شهيد و دو تن زخمی شدند.
به گزارش خبرنگار جرس که خود در صحنه حاضر بود اين سه تن در پل کالج و توسط شليک مستقيم نيروهای نظامی به شهادت رسيدند، همچنين دو تن ديگر از مردم توسط لباس شخصی ها به شدت زخمی شده اند

Three people killed in clashes Bridge College, Jrs
“A high
“A Facebook network green movement path (Jrs): the conflict took place in the College Bridge Unfortunately three compatriots Shahid and two were wounded.
Jrs to report that in this stage was present in three of Paul College and military forces by direct fire attained martyrdom, also by two other people clothes to have been severely injured

Contribute a better translation

Now chanting Down w Dictator in Ferdowsi Sq

People throwing rocks at special forces now CONF

Sec forsec firing many tear gases in Enghelab Sq now

Live reporting via EpersianRadio: reporter in Imam Hossein sq ppl have heavy presence on both sides of streets

I don’t speak the language but this is from the streets of Tehran, live reporting radio program!


The Latest from Iran (27 December): The Day of Ashura 

0745 GMT: The reformist site Rah-e-Sabz, a key source in recent days for “Western” media, HAS JUST GONE DOWN. The site had just reported tear gas used in Enghelab Square and the closing off of Vali-e Asr crossing.

Gunshots are heard and reports of forces shooting at people.


If Real, This is Huge!


Translation below

Monitoring Jrs / extensive military presence in the central city of Tehran
Green Network way movement (Jrs): Hundreds of military and security forces this morning in central Tehran, have been deployed.

Jrs to report, the armed forces that gradually added to their numbers in the street is more path of freedom and revolution of Imam Hossein Square Square Msaqr said. In addition, landscaping around Hafte-Tir Square market and also the police are present in significant groups.

Mentioned today in the same time provision Ashvray Hosseini protesters held a large protest march of Imam Hossein Square

RT: Emam Hossein, all security forces visible, their vans parked

Conf: Special brigades deployed to protect Khamenei Residence

Conf: Special forces at Enghelab (Revolution) Sq.

pars tv may be up and running in side iran in few hours … and then pars tv will air epersian radio as well …

Protect yourself: toe clipper to break handcuff; can of hair spray& a lighter makes a torch

توجه کنید اخبار سایر منابع را در تاپیک دیگری که ایجاد شده قرار دهید .

به گزارش هفت تیر همینک تعداد بسیار زیادی ماموران گارد  ضد شورش میدان انقلاب را در تصرف خود دارند . جمعیت زیادی از مردم بدون آنکه سعی کنند تجمع تشکیل دهند یا

با هم همراه شوند  بی سر و صدا در حال حرکت به سمت میدان امام حسین هستند  . اوضاع آرام است

TRANSLATION: Tir Hmynk reports of much anti-riot officers guard the Revolution Square in their possession. Without a large population of people try to form or accumulate with time are quietly moving towards the Imam Hossein Square are. The situation is calm

According to a large number of Special Forces reached the street towards the revolution of Imam Hossein Square are moving: توجه کنید اخبار سایر منابع را در تاپیک دیگری که ایجاد شده قرار دهید .

Instant – the four corners of the roaring flood of Tehran, is in motion

Iran Citizen Journalism

Iran Citizen Journalism RT @Freedommesenger According 2 reports received police forces attacked a group of protestors close to Ferdowsi square in #Tehran. #iranelection On Choobi bridge there is very heavy traffic. گزارشهای وارده حکایت از حمله نیروهای پلیس به گروهی از تظاهرکنندگان در نزدیکی میدان فردوسی تهران دارد. در روی پل چوبی در خیابان انقلاب ترافیک بسیار سنگین گزارش شده است


Translated News:

This is for the Iranian stories that I used Google Translate to bring to you.

درگیری شدید در اصفهان (Intense conflict in Isfahan)

Continued Detention & violence against the mother Kamran Asa Sohrab


Tehran braces for protests as holy period reaches climax

Heavy police presence in Tehran says Iran opposition

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