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Sunday Mourning In Iran

December 20, 2009




The Tweets Report!

JSLeFanu JSLeFanu RT @GEsfandiari: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi described Montazeri as the father of human rights in #Iran #iranelection

Ulrike Beudgen UliBeudgen RT @media4iran RT @persianbanoo Arrested on way 2 Qom: Shiva Nazarahari, Mahnaz Mohamadi, Mahboubeh Abasgholi & Kohyar Godarzi #iranelection

AliReza XTRABallots RT @iranangel: Fariba Pajouh’s lawyer not allowed 2visit her FA #iranelection RT @iran88

SaloumehZ SaloumehZ  RT @iran88 RT @manic77 Allah Akbar is very loud in Tehran. Ppl chanting at the sidewalks in Mirdamad #iranElection #Montazeri 

AliReza XTRABallots  RT @persianbanoo: Cell phones & SMS problems in Esfahan & Najafabad are reported #iranelection

Mani manic77  Internet speed is very low in Tehran now. Impossible to upload pictures or videos #IranElection

neda angelofiran iranangel Iranian RapeVictim Speaks Out(1) #iranelection #Neda #gr88 #Tehran #gr88 #Tabriz #Isfahan #Qom

Ulrike Beudgen UliBeudgen RT @GEsfandiari: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi described Montazeri as the father of human rights in #Iran #iranelection

Iranian kamaleddin All 2morrow newspapers have ben recalled. Only SL condolence messages is allowed 2 print #iranelection via (via @AtlSafa) (via @onlymehdi)

Iran Iran_ALLDAY


RT @MsVFAB: ntelligence forces sent back tomorrow’s newspapers from print houses

Following information from Euro News
A reformist website in Iran says riot police are being deployed in the holy city of Qom after the death of Iran’s top dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri.

Thousands of his supporters are flocking to the city – where Montazeri lived and died – to attend his funeral.

Pro-opposition Iranians are also reported to be gathering in the squares of Tehran to mourn the death of man who was a fierce critic of the current regime.

Montazeri was among those who denounced June’s disputed presidential election as fraudulent.

His death from a heart attack at the age of 87 coincides with rising tension in the Islamic Republic with the elite pro-government Revolutionary Guard threatening to come down hard on opposition activists.

Iranian media sources say thousands of people from all over Iran are converging on Qom which, say analysts, could become a rallying point for the reformist opposition.

Montazeri was in line to succeed revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini in the ’80s but fell from favour after criticizing the mass execution of prisoners.

He has maintained a dissident stance ever since. In August he said on his website that the authorities’ handling of street unrest following the election “could lead to the fall of the regime” and he denounced the clerical leadership as a “dictatorship”.

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The Tweets Report!



 They are finished! RT @sbelg: These are not pre-emptive arrests.This is a sign coup govt is losing control of situation #iranelection   

Indeed! RT @XTRABallots: Let’s not forget #Montazeri should have been the Supreme Leader instead of Khamenei #iranelection

RT @persianbanoo: Abdolah Momeni’s wife was on the bus & was confronted harshly by agents. Agents showed no ID #iranelection

RT @TheVeni1: Butchers of #Iran WILL go 2 prison, same way innocents are. They will cry out 4 Mercy but no 1 wil listn #Iranelection

RT @persianbanoo: Bus carrying HR & political activists stopped by agents on its way to Qom + PPL arrested #iranelection

This information is from: Why We Protest – Iran

The following three items are from a news roundup at Tehran Bureau:


Rahe Sabz | Dec. 20, 2009

Ahmad Qabel, a religious scholar and one of the disciples of the late Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, has been arrested.

Qabel who was en route to Qom from Mashhad with his family members to participate in the late Ayatollah’s funeral was taken into custody and returned to Mashhad.

Qabel is an outspoken critic of Iran’s leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and has accused him of religious dictatorship and mismanaging the country for which he was jailed on a number of occasions.

There was no information about Qabel’s captors or where he was being held.


Security agents on Sunday afternoon contacted a number of political activists and journalists and threatened to arrest them if they participated in Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri’s funeral.

Many of the activists have confirmed the report in telephone interviews with the JARAS reporter.

One of these individuals told JARAS that intelligence officials warned him that he would be arrested before reaching Qom should he decide to participate in the funeral procession.


Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei extended his condolences for the death of Shia Source of Emulation Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri

Ayatollah Khamenei described Ayatollah Montazeri as “a well-versed jurist and a prominent master”, adding that “many disciples have benefited greatly from him.”

“Ayatollah Montazeri spent a long period of his life serving the late founder of the Islamic Revolution and made many efforts and suffered much hardship for advancing this cause,” he said. “Toward the end of the Imam’s life there came a time of a great and dangerous test and I ask God in all his compassion to forgive him [Montazeri for failing that test] and consider his [Montazeri’s] earthly struggles as a punishment (collateral) for that [failed test].”

By test, Ayatollah Khamenei was referring to the incident that resulted in the removal of Ayatollah Montazeri from his position as the successor to Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini and subsequent exile. Montazeri challenged the notion of the Rule of the Just Jurisprudent, which is the foundation of the lifetime rule of one cleric as the Leader of Iran.

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The Tweets Report!

PERSIA_MAX_NEWS PERSIA_MAX_NEWS RT @manic77: Allah Akbar is very loud in Tehran. Ppl chanting at the sidewalks in Mirdamad #iranElection #montazeri (via @iran_letter)

Iran acknowledges prisoners were beaten to death

Iranian dissident cleric Montazeri dies at 87


Iran troops have made partial withdrawal: Iraq

The Tweets Report!

This is some great reporting today!


RT @iranangel For information >> the month of Muharram starts 18 December, Ashura is 27 December #iranelecti (cont)

RT @omidhabibinia FB Note (Per) My Memories of 1988’s Prison Prison Clothes & Death Jury. (cont)   

RT @omidhabibinia Call For Mourning for #Montazeri: Tonight Mohseni SQ 22.000 Local Time. #Neda #Iranelection #iran /via @3fatcats  

RT @omidhabibinia Reports: All Shops in Najaf Abad Are Closed,+ 200 000 ppl Mourning for Montazeri’s Death. #Irane (cont)   

RT @persianbanoo Guidance Ministry issuing guidelines to media on how to cover Ayt Montazeri’s passing http://bi (cont)

RT @IranSIC BBC: Funeral scheduled 2 srt at 0900 local time; no foreign media will B allowed 2 attend re: 0 foreig (cont)

RT @bbcpersian Photo gallery depicting #Montazeri life #IranElection #Montazeri /via @jonitchr /via @leora1987 

 RT @icucallwillcSoG: Mobile phone in Tehran down today – the regime is in fear – but the ppl not need mobile we sp (cont)   

RT @persianbanoo: Shame: Farsnews reported Ayatollah Montazeri’s death in 2 lines & did not address him as Aya (cont)

RT @persianbanoo: Ayt Montazeri: What you are doing in the name of Islam & religion is actually defaming Islam (cont)

RT @oxfordgirl: I would not be surprised if millions try and make it to Montazeri funeral and creat3 sea of green (cont)  

RT @parsa4: Bless his soul for his adamant defense of human rights in recent years and firmly standing up to the r (cont)

My condolences on the loss of Ayatollah Montazeri #iranelection /via @Maryam_Rajavi /via @leora1987

RT @icucallwillcSoG #iranelection Khamenei did not issue message of condolences until 10 hours after death of Mont (cont) 

RT @persianbanoo Rumors of Tehran-Qom highway coming to a stall because of heavy traffic is denied by police #iran (cont)

Montazeri re: Islamic Republic of Iran: “liberation that was supposed to have followed the 1979 revolution (cont)  

Tajbakhsh sentenced to 15 years in jail. Now friends, family and fellow academics R calling for his release http:/ (cont)   

RT @lotfan EnduringAmerica: Montazeri Death; Regime Scrambles for Legitimacy #iranelection #Montazeri /via @AnneDanmark

Must Watch (Not English)

JSLeFanu JSLeFanu RT @madyar IRI is afraid that more ppl will participate in Ayat Montazeri funeral procession than they did in Khomeini’s #iranelection

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