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Able Danger!

December 19, 2009

I’m reading Physics For Future Presidents. I am a slow reader. I literally am speaking to myself in my head, and then I stop and Google what I read to verify the information I am absorbing. Sometimes, I pause and practice memorizing formulas so I am prepared in the future should I need to recall important information for future discussions with people who expect nothing out of the brain under the blond hair. My grandfather keeps trying to convince me to take a speed reading course, considering the amount of material I read. He explains that I will not only read quicker, I will also absorb the information better. I am not opposed to it, in fact, I’m afraid I’m losing time in my efforts by not, but for now, I’m just simply comfortable reading things the way I do.

Here are some of the highlights I have found in this book!

1. The Twin Towers did not collapse because of the impact of the airplanes. They collapsed because of the energy released from the gasoline. “One ton of jet fuel or gasoline, when burned in air, releases the energy of 15 tons of TNT. So 60 tons of gasoline releases the energy of 900 tons of TNT. For the two planes, the total was 1800 tons, 1.8 kilotons of TNT equivalent. Gasoline has much more energy than TNT, even chocolate chip cookies have more energy than TNT…The 9/11 terrorists did not use high power to destroy the World Trade Center. They used the high energy of jet fuel. The energy released created a high temperature–that is, rapidly moving (vibrating) molecules in the steel of the structure. When molecules shake back and forth, they push nearby molecules away. That’s why hot things expand. But that increased separation also weakens the force of attraction between the steel molecules. As a result, hot steel is weaker than cold steel. The weakening of the steel structure eventually led to the collapse of the building…..The genius of the operation was its low risk. No explosives were needed. No illegal weapons had to be smuggled on board. Virtually no organizational infrastructure was required. The danger of the plan being discovered was small because the only terrorists who had to know the details of the mission were the pilots. Atta’s plan depended on an airline policy–a policy in force on that day, but never again–that encouraged pilots to cooperate with hijackers. Don’t argue, don’t threaten; just do what they ask.

 Here’s the Flip Side!

The physics book assumes that the plan was virutally undetectable, but it wasn’t….because it was detected and our government was warned about these individuals who perpetrated the terrorism on 9/11/01 was predicted by a data mining team known as Able Danger.

I heard about Able Danger a couple years ago on the Sean Hannity radio show. He had on Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer on his program often. Just look at the search results on his website: Able Danger Search Results

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IMPORTANT! Able Danger whistle-blower LTC Anthony Schaeffer is being RUINED by the DIA for speaking out.

AP failed to report why Able Danger accounts “match,” or why 9-11 Commission deemed them not “historically significant”

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