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December 10, 2009

I can’t believe President Obama keeps winning Nobel Peace prizes. I am proud that he is respected but I think the awards would have been better given in another year or so after he has had an opportunity to have accomplished something to deserve the prize.

I was happy to hear in his speech acknowledge the citizens of Iran who are demonstrating peacefully for their human rights.

Oslo Norway, President Obama is the first president to every attend this ceremony to accept the prize. Apparently, the White House and Norwegians are agreeing that he does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, at least not yet, then why are they giving it to him!

I guess if you are to win a prize for expanding the war in Afghanistan, then I can support that. If we are able to win this quagmire, then we will have additional peace and safety to the citizens of the world targeted by extremists. Funny enough, he highlighted that in his speech….I noticed after I wrote this.

The prize awardees said they chose him out of 205 applicants was to elevate President Obama’s definition of pursuing U.S. national interests internationally by cooperation through the international organizations and the United Nations. Unfortunately, the President is not going to meet with the King Harald V for lunch, which is standard for recipients of the award to do. President Obama is skipping all events outside of a meeting with King Harald V and the first lady in front of an audience. The White House states that he is busy, has a lot to do, and this is the first time that a US President has even arrived to accept the award while in office…Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson are the only other two that had the opportunity and neither came to accept the prize.

The Dalai Lama (also Nobel peace prize recipient)  said that President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize a little too soon and that he was listening too much to his advisors views and some of his policies has been a disaster. In President Obama’s speech he highlights people who are bravely pursuing human rights, mentioning many groups but not the Dalai Lama who has a record of pursuing Human Rights in Tibet from the government of China. While President Obama was in Asia he did not mention the work of the Dalai Lama either! When the Dalai Lama came to the United States, the President also did not meet with him until after he left later, which was seen to the Chinese as President Obama minimizing the importance of the Dalai Lama’s efforts. I see a foreign policy issue that needs clarity here! I wouldn’t be so upset if it wasn’t about Human Rights!

The first time I was introduced to the struggle for Human Rights was when I met with the right hand man of the Dalai Lama 20 years ago. He brought video of what was happening to the people in Tibet from China and I spent the last part of the evening in the bathroom puking. I abhor violence, except in action films. Other than that, I get physically sick and it makes me want to work harder for the oppressed victims of tyrants.

Human Rights can not be approached with a double standard! We can not say we support the protestors in Iran and leave them diplomatically abandoned. We can not negotiate our values with China just because they could pull their notes and bankrupt our country. We have to stand on principles. We must not talk out of both sides of our mouth when speaking of Human Rights.


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