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In Memory of 4 Police Officers Slain in Washington

December 9, 2009

Updates from a Seattle reporters and Blog: Updates from Lakewood police memorial

I called the Lakewood police department and confirmed that the donation site is a legitimate site for donations to the families of the fallen officers.

 Donations to the officer’s families….each of them had children and family who are left behind. As a Guild we will do anything we can. If you want to donate to the families our Guild has a benevolent account. Every penny will go to the families; if you want to donate to a specific officer you can write his or her name in the memo section. If the check is made out to LPIG Benevolent Fund at PO Box 99579 Lakewood, WA 98496. For more information Lakewood Police Independent Guild

Officers move into position to stand watch at the caskets of four slain Lakewood police officers before a memorial service Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009, at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Wash. The memorial is being held a week after the officers were gunned down in a coffee shop before the start of their shift, Nov. 29. Killed were Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39, and officers Ronald Owens, 37, Tina Griswold, 40, and Greg Richards, 42.

I didn’t recognize her picture or name, until I found out the name I knew her as in high school….Tina Griswold (DeLong). I am so sorry to all of the officers needlessly gunned down by someone who shouldn’t have been released from prison. I am sorry for their families and friends.

My friend from high school John Everett posted this for her In Memory of Officer Tina Griswold.

My brother is representing a unit of officers able to stand in support at the Memorial. The day is very sad and unjust. I hope that our judicial system and those representing justice remember this day and strengthen sentencing in judicial prudence next time a person in front of them with a history of repeated violent behavior towards others be put away and protect our society from their heinous random violence. The rights of one twisted individual was to be allowed to live forever in prison, that’s all. Now we have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, children and relatives robbed from spending the rest of their life with their loved ones. What justice is there in that? This is a situation where many things were done wrong. I think each person responsible in this chain of events leading to these murders should participate actively in a conscious reform of how and when to apply our laws and our good sense.

4 slain Wash. officers honored at memorial

The thing that upsets me the most,

is the officers killed were the ones

who were obeying the laws, protecting society,

and worked responsibly so

they could just come home every night

to be with their loved ones.

The quiet heroes in our world,

that if they were here in front of us today

would never believe that….

They would call it duty.


Donations Accepted For Slain Lakewood, Washington Police Officers

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