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For Every Step Forward …. A Human Being Is Tortured

December 7, 2009

I am so proud of the work done in Iran on behalf of the peaceful demonstrators. They have courage, strength, purpose, education, sound mind, dreams and hope. The world today really took notice for the first time of the plight of the people in Iran who are begging with their lives to be heard.

Here are the wonderful people who are bringing this information to the front lines……help out….you have all the information you need to get involved. I’m not going to hold your hand….but if it would get you to volunteer than maybe for a second 😉

TEHRAN: 16 AZAR 88 CNN’s Mr.Reza Sayah Reports! UPDATE #iranelection
TEHRAN: 16 AZAR 88 Stay Tuned ~far from over~ #iranelection
Inside Iran Only SM Feed
Iran 7 dec 09 (16 Azar) either kabol or Tehran death to taleban P126 –…
Iran 7 dec 09 (16 Azar) either kabol or Tehran death to taleban P126
#iranelection @JSLeFanu @MWolda @BantryBay @officialserj I am so proud but let’s not forget hostages taken today…they will be tortured, killed, and set an example of…this is part of the deal when we work, some battles gain in strength, vision, #, coverage…but more people are tortured …. not less. Action must be swift soon….or they die in…
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