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I wrote a song….

December 6, 2009

When I was traveling through the desert, my brother was driving. The night had not fallen but the full moon was behind us. We were listening to Rammstein and then a song came on that sounded more like SNOT. I wrote this song for the Sea of Green Movement.

My friend from the hotel….she’s going to put it to an acoustic guitar for now before I leave and teach me how to play it. Later….we’ll put it to the electric guitars….where it needs to be…..and a few other instruments (figure that out later)…..

This is the first draft I typed into my iPhone

Sea Of Green
Sea of Green
Who you with?
Sea of Green
The revolution has started
False elections
Wait till the future
Not sorry
Your reign is over
Supreme Leader
Who you with?
Sea of Green
Who you with?
Sea of Green
Whose Behnoud?
Ask Omid’s mother…..
Whose Neda?
Ask her mother……..
Whose going to college?
The demonstrators
Who sent you?
Sea of Green
Who sent you?
Those they hang…..
Who sent you?
Those they slain….
Who sent you?
The people of Iran…..
Who told you?
The messengers….

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