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December 5, 2009

I received this poem and it inspired me to work harder. This is not my poetry….this was a gift. I always say, I have more balls than sense…not everything has everything to do with anything …..

It’s Titled

You Decide

Darkness has fallen upon you
Like a veil worn by the unwilling bride

Peacefullness avoids your mind

Like the rising waters bring forth a flood
Soon you will have to decide….

Will you run
Or will you Hide

*I responded back….. NEITHER

The Tweets Report

I don’t have time to cross link and give credit to the Tweets who brought me this information, but you know who you are. My next site will have an easy reference built in so I can run as fast as you guys do …. thanks for the information!

#1 Nabavi was hospitalized before his 10 day release due to his heart condition. Physicians want him back thru…. (I lost the info there)

#2 Behzad Nabavi (out on $800 K) bail for 10 days has been sent back to Evin ward 2A

#3 3:00 PM Monday over 200 public and private universities will celebrate Students Day across 50 cities in Iran!



  • Raymond Morrison RayMorrison

    #16AZAR IS A MAJOR BREAK TROUGH ON THE ROAD TO FREEDOM. #Iranelection #Iran #Neda #Tehran #SOG #16Azar


    Practical Advice for Supporters of #IranElection please send YOUR ideas to

    Ongoing advice and help of all kinds at

    1. Organise a meeting / rally / green balloon release / protest / concert / poetry reading. Post details here:

    2. Sign one of the many petitions that have been created online to seek help and support from various Western governments, European Union and United Nations. Try a Google search [] to find petitions

    3. Use Twitter

    • Green  up your avatar
    • Post on Twitter about #iranelection issues or news
    • Never leave out that #iranelection hashtag
    • Be careful and use your common sense about re-tweeting posts
    • Do not include any invitations to attend gatherings inside Iran
    • Avoid repeating unconfirmed facts
    • Check links in tweets before re-tweeting in case they are broken /  wrong
    • Be sensitive when posting info about deaths, injuries, arrests, torture
    • And especially sensitive when posting links to images or videos containing harrowing scenes
    • Worried about your regular Twitter followers? Make a new user on Twitter just for #iranelection tweets
    • If you have a dedicated user account for Twitter #iranelection tweets, use of AutoTweeter comes into play – tweet while you sleep!

    4 Use Facebook

    • Start or join support groups
    • Use your status to spread the word
    • Post interesting articles to your wall
    • Create an application if you have the skill

    5. Be creative

    • Write a poem
    • Create artwork
    • Design a T Shirt
    • Make a gallery or slideshow
    • Create jewellery
    • Design e-cards, postcards or posters
    • Do you have free postcards in your cinemas? Contact the marketing company & ask them to use your design or
    • (remember to post your creations on Twitter and Facebook!)

    6. Donate
    If you can afford it, or can find a way to raise funds, then please consider donating to:

    7. Participate

    Additional Ideas from

    Action in United States to Help Iran

    Action 1 in U.S.: Wear green conspicuously, then explain why in no-uncertain-terms.

    Action 2 in U.S.: Circulate confirmed information about Iranian human rights violations.

    Action 3 in U.S.: Contact your own U.S. senators, White House, and Sen. Kerry to act now to stop human rights violations in Iran.

    Sen. Kerry is Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    Contact your own U.S. senator. Other state senators will be slow in response. Use your vote.

    Action 4 in U.S.: Contact NGOs (Amnesty International, etc.) to act now to stop human rights violations in Iran.

    Meaningful, but non-technical ways to help Iranians online: (from

    1) Tell your Iranian friends about Psiphon:

    Spread the word to Iranians in Iran about Psiphon, an anti-filtering program that was spun off from the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto. Ron Deibert, of of Psiphon’s organizers, says that tens of thousands of Iranians have used Psiphon since the post-election turmoil, and notes that the Iranian authorities have yet to block it. They’ve set up a special web page in Persian making it very easy for new users to gain unfiltered access to the Internet.

    2) Tell your Iranian friends about Herdict:

    There’s a new project out of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University that allows Internet users around the world to report on the status of what websites are blocked around the world. Currently, there isn’t a whole lot of data that they’re working with — Iran is the third-most reported on country, but Herdict only has 200 reports of inaccessible sites, including Twitter, Facebook and CNN. With more people in Iran using Herdict, it could provide a better peek into what is and isn’t being blocked.

    3) If you speak Persian, translate:

    There’s tons of documents (the Herdict site included) that simply aren’t yet available in Persian. Even many of Tor’s documents have yet to be translated. So if you’ve got time to spare and are fluent in English and Persian, consider translating for these causes so that more Iranians can use these tools and get online. There’s even websites devoted to translating Persian content into English and English content into Persian.

    Readers’ Suggestions
    People could email/write/phone their country’s Chinese and Russian Embassies to pressure them to support UN action against Iranian repressive dictatorship.
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