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Anthony Vitale & Gino Dentie Interview – More Coming!

December 5, 2009

Star Trek

I am hanging out with Anthony Vitale and I was talking about how much I loved the movie Star Trek. This turned out to be a sore subject. Watch the beginning of the trailer….the first teaser trailer….that’s him! They had him on Star Trek for a year, playing this trailer. His was the only face to Star Trek….and then they didn’t expound upon his character in the film. The Star Trek fans were pissed! He was the first actor ever filmed constructing the USS Enterprise NCC-17-01A. They categorize the ships .. A, B, C, D…etc. He was not invited to the premier, and that was the big bummer….but he has attended autograph signings at Star Trek conventions, which was rewarding in and of itself. If you can figure out how to get ahold of Anthony, then he will give you a signed autograph…..hint Anthony Vitale on IMDb has contact info.

Here’s the Interview I just did with Anthony & Gino!

Gino Dentie


Gino truly suffers for his art! He has had to do his own stunts, landing on curbs and bruising or breaking his ribs. Laying in a bed of red carpenter ants, and in this scene, he had to eat enough steak to no longer enjoy the meat. 

IMDb – Gino Dentie

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