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I fear no…um…grandma!

November 30, 2009

There is one in every family. That’s what “they” say. The whole family is together to have a great time and visit and one person is making everyone crazy! One person who is so miserable and manipulative, should have received the Academy award for turning us on each other.

I stood up to her a couple nights ago. Well, my cop brother took me aside and told me in that tone as if I was a suspect to apologize! It took a few more days for the truth to come to light…..and he apologized to me for thinking I needed to do that.

Finally, the last supper. It is our vacation….but of course, someone has been cooking so we all have to come over to her space so we are under the control of ….. um yeah…..her.

The martyr syndrome. The look how hard I went out of my way to work for you… the way…..she is my step grandmother, extremely jealous of my grandfather’s family and attention. She has gotten away with this for a long time.

The moment he saw what happened a few nights ago between her and I…..he had enough! My grandfather and I are the closest in the family. It’s odd hearing an 84 year old man discuss the “D” word.

She better shape up.

So we were at the pool, and everyone was so mad, they wanted to go out for Mexican food (our family’s favorite food). I said, “I”ll go up there and see what’s going on.”

The house is stone cold. No one is speaking to anyone. Then she started in with her bullshit. I spoke to her and said, “We will come for dinner, but you should have asked instead of made plans, we wanted to take you guys out to dinner, we wanted to spend time with grandpa, and we did not want to impose on you. You should have asked what our plans were, and what we as a family wanted to do! You have not allowed any situation for us except that.”

I bet there are other people like me. You can go to war with the best of them, but the gray line of respecting your elders and allowing someone to manipulate everyone for self-interest. It’s not exactly an easy position to be in to have to tell off an 82 year old woman.

I kept my voice calm. I said what had to be said. I stood up to the one person that no one wanted to….after I did, I thought, how silly we have tip-toed around this woman all these years.

Guess what, she is treating me with respect and being nice again. She stopped pouting and the silent treatment.

Everyone was discussing Tony Soprano’s mother…..and now you know why. Like I said before, there’s always one in every family, the writers of the Sopranos just brought their “one” to the program.


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