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Father Daughter Talk

November 30, 2009

I’m sure every girl has a different relationship with her father. My father has spent his time with me explaining physics to help me with the decisions I need to make in my life.

Here is how our conversation went tonight…..if you read a few posts back, you can guess which one was our last conversation 😉

“When you realize you are not going to win an argument with someone, you get away from them. You don’t argue with them because emotions get involved and shuts down critical thinking. You can not have  them both going at the same time.

Periodic tables:

On the periodic table, every time you add a proton you have changed the element. And anytime you add or subtract neutrons, you have made an isotope of the basic element that is controlled by the number count on the basic proton. And for every proton there is an electron that keeps the atom electrically neutral.

The electron has a minute mass. I asked my dad why do I have to know this? He said, “Keep it for your notes….the amount of energy we are discussing is phenomenal.”

Infusion – when you bond three protons like in helium the sum of the mass does not equal the mass of the hydrogen and it is that missing mass that is the formula of e=mc2 (missing mass x the speed of light square).

That’s where the energy comes from. That’s the formula of the energy of fusion.

The reason to learn physics is that so many people don’t know what the hell they are talking about, and they will try to pump bullshit on you.

Let me read you a quote from the book I want you to read, Physics For Future Presidents.

Quote: ‘The trouble with most folks isn’t their ignorance, it’s knowing so many things that ain’t so’….. Ironically this quote isn’t from Mark Twain….Josh Billings, a 19th century humorists.

When you develop relationships with people and knowledge, it doesn’t take too long to seek out whose talking straight.

Once you understand physics, it doesn’t take too long into a conversation by separating the people who are pumping you a line of shit, even in a short conversation. Then your conversations will grow in wealth and knowledge, once you are talking to knowledgeable people once you are on the same wavelength.

You stop talking to people who are boring you….some people are trying to impress you, can’t hold a subject matter, but you are wasting time dealing with them. Once you realize who is wasting your time, you’ll run across people in life who have an understanding of things that you too understand. Most people do not have much of an understanding of anything. They know the value system, a sale going on Black Friday, but that’s about the extent of their knowledge. You run into people that are knowledgeable are usually quieter, thoughtful types.

You will get called on things all the time by someone testing your knowledge.

I’ll tell you a story about when I was in a science club. Someone walked up and asked in a passing comment, “What would happen to the earth if suddenly the force of gravity just stopped?”

My father  replied, “The earth would take off in its velocity it was traveling in a straight line into the universe.”

The guys said, “Not for eight minutes if it was cut at the suns end.”

I asked, “What did that teach you?”

My father replied, “That you have to be cautious when you answer things.”

Dad wrapped up the night with this, “You will find you will have very many conversations with people that are just pumping salt.”


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