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Google Wave Homework Helper

November 29, 2009

Our United States military service men and women have been deployed longer and more often than in any other time in American history. I have to find the statistics for the implication of how many children are literally being raised in one parent homes, besides the enormous rate of single parent homes due to lack of involvement of at least one irresponsible adult.

In the case of the responsible adults, I have an idea on how Google Wave should be applied. Google Wave would be the perfect place for the child/student to put their homework assignment up  and receive help from a caring adult, tutor, parent, guardian, family member or volunteer.

There has been a lack of emphasis on education, grades, math and science. I would be interested in creating a math forum for any student needing assistance with their homework.

What do you think?

I’m still deliberating who gets my 8 Google Wave invitations, and I’m looking for the perfect group of people to begin an effective campaign and experiment.


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