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Watching Iran – The Tweet Distinction Report!

November 27, 2009

I always wonder if this Tweet has a thick accent. Sometimes even English speaking countries are difficult to understand when speaking, but not when Tweeting!

It’s time to see Iran’s nuclear plan for what it is

Saudi Arabia urged to quash witchcraft death sentence

Iranian Militiamen Try to Cow Opposition Figure

Ali Kordan, Iranian Official Fired Over Fake Degree, Dies at 51

The Benefits of Pissing People Off

Signatures needed to stop execution of Nemat Safavi.

Stop Execution of Nemat Safavi in Iran

We endorse the Stop Execution of Nemat Safavi in Iran Petition to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran Head of Judiciary Sadegh Larijani, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay, Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, LGBT, International Gay and Lesbian Human Ri.

Read the Stop Execution of Nemat Safavi in Iran Petition

Name Comments
127. Heather Dalberg Cease and desist executions in the name of Human Rights!

You’ve signed, now let your friends know on Twitter.

127 Signatures Total

View Current Signatures

BTW: I received a confirmation e-mail, and it allowed me to donate 1$.  I think that is nothing to ask for in exchange for the work being completed. Let’s save a life and quit worrying about $$$$$

Did you know that I am unemployed? If you read my blog you would have figured out that I was hacked right out of the most prestigious job in America. I was in charge of the asset sales of the banks and the bank that is going to court. I was also in charge of the Army bases that were being closed and re-located. I paid a high price to be here, and I still donate….because MONEY IS ONLY WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. Do not give your energy to protect paper and metal. Please, isn’t your soul worth more than that? You give energy to the wrong things if you protect your pennies. The dollar is deflated in America, and soon worth nothing…..what will be left is your word. What is your word worth? Mine, I know is worth the truth.



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