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Google Wave – Getting Started

November 27, 2009

I heard about Google Wave a couple weeks ago and had posted on the site and Twitter I wanted to be invited to the beta test.

Yesterday I was on Tweet Distinction’s site and he had an article about it. I mentioned my desire and he invited me!

The invitation process was supposed to take some time but I had an e mail within the hour.

I downloaded Google Chrome, but had to uninstall and reinstall it because some of my plugins were not functioning correctly.

Once I had that I was reading some of the instructions about Google Wave. Pretty basic and not too much information.

I posted two waves and have an idea for a 3rd.

#1. I need to come up with 100 ways to improve Human Rights. I thought this would be a great forum to work on that with others.

#2. Can we help NASA engineers? Has 3 power point presentations and information.

#3. I would like to start a Wave regarding assisting the American hikers held in prison in Iran (I haven’t created that one yet).

So far, I feel like I’m alone on an island. I have my one connection who invited me. I haven’t seen a simple way to search and get involved with others. There doesn’t seem to be enough people beta testing yet to be effective.

I am looking at my 8 invites I’m allowed to use very carefully. If I invite 8 solid people who invite 8 people that all are like minded and contributing then I can see how effective this could be used in a company and group organization setting.

I do not see this replacing my IM, e-mail, e-vite, Facebook, or Twitter ….

I do think it would be great though on my new website to have a “Living Document” (any programmers out there want to help me with the SandBox?)

Great for organizations needing to collaborate anywhere in the world.

Great for businesses.

Great for groups with common goals or agendas.

I’m going to keep reading about this and keep you updated on my progress.

Here are some recent articles that describe Google Wave:

The Top 6 Game-Changing Features of Google Wave

Turning the tide: a hands-on look at Google’s Wave

Google Wave First Look

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