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Thanksgiving is an American Holiday

November 26, 2009

Just because all of America is busy, it is not a holiday shared by other countries. I will give you a history lesson if you don’t know why. I hate to admit this, but I have heard Sean Hannity’s Man On The Street and our culture knows who Brangelina is, but not who the Vice President is, so do not think I am being facetious with the topic. OK, this hot girl came out with something. She gave 2 different dates but she will be more interesting to watch:

A shout out to our troops serving the world. I hope they are safe and have a chance to communicate with their families. We support you! If anyone would like to do anything for the troops, I always recommend this website for great ideas! Do One Nice Thing

I am busy helping my grandparents get ready for Thanksgiving dinner, and in between I am busy learning something new right now, but I see so many interesting Tweets coming across. This is a normal working day for others outside of America (and for our service industry here in America) so I will do what I can today to keep the information posted.

The Tweets Report!

This is a great site regarding real action we can take and alerting us to businesses operating in support of Iran’s Nuclear ambitions.

United Against Nuclear Iran Website

United Against Nuclear Iran (Videos)


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