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Someone Contributes

November 26, 2009

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A War Man, Nothing, A Wife, or rattle off every single military choice possible…..and then show me on YouTube.

By the way, some people love AC/DC

Someone said,  “I would like to fly one of those, they are slow but deadly!”

Someone has a couple models of this plane. One broke, but at this age , s/he is expected to break toys.

Someone wants to show you another video!

Someone is going to get this video game and said, “The guy who is playing doesn’t know anything, and I’m way better than him! Do you know how I know I am better than him? I go behind the enemy and then I shoot them on their engines, and when their engines catch fire, they crash. That’s it!”

Someone likes this video about the Russian ships because it has cool music with awesome funny talking!  Some other people both like too!

Someone said, “This rocks!”

(OMG , I did not tell this person to say that!)

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