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Competitive Intelligence

November 26, 2009

I received a comment on the post My Definition Of A Living Document from someone named “Competitive Intelligence”. For some reason tonight that caught my eye when I was in the backroom of my blog. I was intrigued with the combination of these two words and decided to look into it.

Just as we use blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. so does the legal espionage business!

Competitive Intelligence Research With LinkedIn – Who’s Hiring?

I find it very flattering that I am the subject of some CI’s! Thanks guys! Why don’t you just e-mail me directly, talk to me on the phone, heck meet me for lunch! I’ll tell you everything I know, what I’m thinking, let’s just cut to the chase. Full Disclosure….remember my motto!

Wikipedia has some decent information posted on Competitive Intelligence 

Let’s not forget the person who inspired this post Quoniam University (you will need to use translation software, available on the website!)

BTW – if anyone comes up with some good information to add to this, I’m too bored to research other people researching me, just put it in the comment section!

Last but not least: E=M13 lol

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