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Iran Watch Day 4 & 5: A Dull Pain

November 25, 2009

Sorry I have been lagging. I am visiting with the whole family during the holidays, but for some reason I have been barrelled over all day long with a very dull pain that is making it difficult to visit and work. I think I’m getting better because I was able to get up and show my family my blog site for the first time.

I never promote with my friend’s and family my blog because then I would feel like I was an Amway sales person. That way, the people who come here to read, really want to, and the rest just wonder what I’m up to. My mom said she really missed me during all of the politics recently, and I said, “You could have read what I was thinking on my blog.” If you have followed the under-current of my blog, I had to be emotionally selfish and pull back from everyone I know and do the work I felt important to concentrate on…..human rights and Iran at the top of the list!

I’ll visit with the folks and kids now, and come back later on and give you an update.

The Tweets Report:

Mohsen Sazegara English Website

Venezuela Students Protest Ahmadnejad in Solidarity With IRAN Students


India’s all-female UN police unit serves as inspiration for Liberian women

Germany arrests top Rwanda rebels 

New Accusations Against Rafsanjani’s Son

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