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Iran Watch – Day 3 of nuclear defense drills

November 24, 2009

Everything begins and ends with thought. For instance, I was going to spend Thanksgiving with my husband and his family. Everything was going fine towards reconciliation until he changed his mind. Nothing had actually changed in the world though. My actions were still the same. His actions were still the same. The past was in the past and the future was unknown, but in the present moment…..we were getting along. Then someone read my blog and called him. Nothing changed, my blog had already been up saying the same things. Although nothing changed….his thinking changed. Once your thinking changes, it affects the world. Instead of being in New Jersey right now, I’m in Arizona….and heading for the pool to go play with my brothers kids. I’m not unhappy about the change, but I wanted to show how powerful thought is. I put thought into this blog and type words, which get read, then get expressed and voi-la……I walk a new path because of it.

My first thought! My final thought!

Since we are reading this, we are breathing, we are alive. So if you take your thoughts, they eventually will come out of your mouth, and voi-la….we are creating social consciousness!

A person’s thoughts contribute to the world as a whole, until the final breath!

Think about that.

So if your thoughts are to help the Iranian people, you are watching the news, gathering, spreading, sharing, the plight of the people and if enough of us put our heads together…..the situation may resolve itself quicker than we thought. Is it just me or do you feel the pressure building inside the country? The people are thinking for themselves, speaking for themselves, expressing their thoughts and fearing no man. I love that!

I want more than our thoughts and prayers with the people of the country, I want action. I want to see a country flourish under enlightened minds and a new world emerge from the middle east …. where the people create their own destiny and become our allies…..the friends they always were….if we had only thought about it.

Just found this!

In society, we are not often supported to quit things, but quitting things can be very positive! Quit smoking, quit eating too much, quit being a jerk….quit killing your own people, quit murdering children, quit building nuclear weapons……I would like to see a world of quitters.

if your job isn’t treating you right……don’t be afraid because of the economy……do what I do……I quit! I just wish I was this clever…..that’s why I have to get back to school.

The Best I Quit Note Ever

I’ll come back and work on the news later…..right now…..I have to go visit with my family.


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